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SECTION ONE - New Site -
A New York Times
SECTION THREE - Boomers and Downsizing.
SECTION FOUR - Hearts and Heads
SECTION FIVE - Hearts and Souls
SECTION SIX - Interesting Links
SECTION SEVEN - Boomer of the Month

BOOMERS NEWSLETTER: The purpose of this publication is to

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- May 2001
The joys of Spring are upon us: the comfortable 
weather, the beauty and reassurance of the new flowers,
the warm sun on your face, and of course, the 
anticipation of LOVE that always blooms in 

We had fun on April Fool's Day and celebrated 
Earth Day on April 22. 
The end of May will bring Memorial Day - the day 
we honor the valiant men and women who fought for 
our country.  Mother's Day is right around
the corner on May the 13th.  

We, at and wish you 
the best that Spring and the coming year has to offer.
Mostly, we wish you LOVE, PEACE and HAPPINESS.

SECTION ONE - Our New Site

Boomers International is proud to be open for business 
with many additional new features, a sharper look, and
wonderful articles contributed by various writers and 
experts in their respective fields. Please join us in 
celebrating our new site.  

Our goal is to help us all in our daily lives - to 
reminiscence about our past - to look forward to our 
future - and to have fun in the process.  

We are now working with many reliable companies who 
will provide our members with FREE benefits or at substantial 
discounts. We will be featuring our own collectibles auction,
FREE e-mail, and a FREE webpage to our registered members.  

We are aiming to be the best boomers site on the WEB, 
and with your help.

A survey and an interview

Jeri Maier was interviewed by James Shemberi, 
the editor of  the New York Times for 
his Sunday's Op/Ed column.

Boomers International members also participated in
a survey for the New York Times. The results were
predictable, as most (95%) of us are tired of paying
 high taxes and for Social 
Security that may or may not be there when we need it.
What about the Gen-yers, the Gen-Xers, the twenty-somethings,
and the younger Boomers?  What will be there for them in 
their time of need? Read the New York Times article here.  
We are proud that The article also mentioned Boomers

SECTION THREE -The Economy and Boomers
For the past several months we have been reading about 
companies both big and small - laying off, down-sizing,
and buying out thousands of employees. The decline of the and high tech world has reached out onto Main 

They are interconnected sections of our economy and need 
each other to prosper.  

Baby Boomers fall into that age group that feels this 
economic change the most. Unfortunately, many boomers 
over the age of 40, and after many years of loyal 
service, have found themselves UNEMPLOYED. 

First of all, NEVER GIVE UP. The hardest part of being 
unemployed is "accepting" the situation, and then moving
forward to find a positive solution. At the beginning we
DENY it and fight to make it not be true. But eventually 
- the change in our economic situation must be thought 
of as a "transition" - this is where an ACCEPTANCE 
comes in and then a MOVING FORWARD can begin. 

There are many "job websites" - check them out. Go to your 
local temporary employment agencies and see what they have 
to offer.

There are two types of temp jobs; those that are truly 
temporary (3 days, 6 months, etc.), and those that are 
temporary with the intent to hire. We are all different
and we must choose what is best for our particular 
situation.  Who knows, at the end of it all, you will 
probably grow from the adversity and be a stronger 
and better person.  NEVER GIVE UP!

Here is a good article about changing jobs. jobs.html

An Advice Column about the Workplace & Careers.

SECTION FOUR - Hearts and Heads

The Easter and Passover holidays occur in this beautiful
time of the year - Spring. The beliefs, the cultures, 
and the traditions of all the people around the globe 
are really about just one thing - they are about LOVE.  
In this new century we are faced with the same problems 
that our ancestors were faced with - that we define
ourselves by our differences and not by our similarities. 
The goal of mankind should be to have ONE WORLD. 

It seems to be a far off dream, but with LOVE - 
we can change the world. 

The opposing sides of the One World debate were 
very much on the agenda for the conference and the
protest that was held recently at the Summit Of 
The Americas in Quebec City.  

There is an old European saying: anyone who is not
a socialist before he is 30 has no heart; anyone who
is still a socialist after he is 30 has no head.  
Suitably updated, this applies perfectly to the 
movement against globalization,  the movement 
that made its big splash in Seattle back in 1999.

SECTION FIVE - Hearts and Souls.

True love is a many splendored thing.  
Lost love is a heartache thing.

Many boomers are singles, either by choice or by reasons 
beyond their control. 

We have started a Questions and Answers column for 
couples in relationships - and another column for 
singles who have Questions or are in search for 
Answers in their affairs of the heart. 

SECTION SIX - Boomer's Articles and Interesting Links:

Society for Creative Anachronism - 
There's a lot more to the SCA than just combat.
All studies regarding the Medieval Period (the time
between the fall of the Roman Empire and the 17th Century) 
are vital parts of SCA study. 

American Family Immigration History Center

Viva Las Vegas 2001

Bob Dylan's Lyric to his Oscar Academy Award Song:
"Things Have Changed"

At least 100 more Dylan songs:

Dylan's official Site:

The popular music playlist-sharing service, Uplister, 
has over 40 high-profile celebrities who have 
created playlists of their favorite songs exclusively 
for the music service.
The Jimi Hendrix song, "Fire'', wakes him up every 
morning. `"I have it on my alarm clock,'' he says.

Music series, specials and premieres
you won't want to miss on VH1

VH1 Ranks Michael Jackson's "Thriller" at the Top
Of the "100 Greatest Videos" in New Special,
Premiering May 7-11 at 10:00 P.M. (ET/PT)

Chris Isaak Hosts Latest VH1 "100 Greatest" Five-Part Special,
Featuring Exclusive New Interviews With Boy George,
Alanis Morissette, Brian McKnight, Erykah Badu, L'il Kim,
Pat Benatar, Lionel Richie, Sheila E., Stevie Nicks,
Duran Duran's Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes, and many others 

SECTION SEVEN - Boomers Of The Month.
We DID not select any boomers of the month 
for Feb, Mar, April and May but we have
several great boomers that contributed their 
writings and or articles that are now featured on our web site.
These are either stories about real life or are editorial in

Our SPECIAL interviews:

An Interview with "The Earthwalker" Dave Kunst

43 Hours  (In Indonesia)
By: Robert W. Coshland

Charlie's Angel Cheryl Ladd is teaming up 
with Varilux® progressive lenses to educate baby boomers 
across the country about this extremely common eye 
condition that affects over 100 million adults.

Biotechnology In The 21st Century
By Mary Schuler 
Year 2000 President 
Women Involved In Farm Economics(WIFE)

Bridging Mind And Body
The Hakomi Method 
By: Sabina Suehnel, M.A.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

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