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    Table of Contents:
    SECTION ONE - New Editor
    SECTION TWO - Web Site of Interest
    SECTION THREE - Getting Fit!
    SECTION FOUR - Virtual Friends
    SECTION FIVE - Boomer Facts
    SECTION SIX: - Boomer Of The Month
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    written by Barry Wood
    May, 1999
    I hope you enjoy this issue of Boomers International 
    newsletter.  Be gentle with me.  This is my first 
    newsletter as editor.
    Comments?  Please feel free to write.  You 
    may get published in a future issue.
    Barry Wood, Editor
    Chatroom Pleasantries
    Editor's hint
    All of us now and then have been in a chatroom where 
    we feel we are being ignored.  Remember, don't expect 
    everyone to always open the conversation with you.  
    It's about the same as going to a dance.  If you
    sit too long in the corner, no one is going to ask 
    you to dance.  So don't sit quietly hoping someone 
    else will entertain you in a chatroom, start the 
    conversation.  Be sincere.
    A Little About the Editor
    Barry Wood lives in Halifax, Nova Soctia, Canada, 
    and enjoys writing short stories.  If you are a 
    publisher, hehe, contact him.
    Read Barry Wood's short stories (the Editor of this 
    Newsletter!) on the internet:
    A delightful website about dogs: http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/sealoch/
    Good Deeds. Did you do a good deed or did someone do a good deed for you? Write us. Let us know. We may publish it in our next Newsletter.
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    Before Women's Liberation there were ...

    Disneyland Opens!

    What we ate.

    Son of Fish

    Send a Boomer's Postcard

    Compiled by Chuck Nyren
    Visit my
    Baby Boomers site at Suite 101


    Getting Fit

    The great thing about getting fit is it's 
    never too late to start. Fifteen to 30 minutes 
    of exercise, with a warm-up and cool-down, three 
    or four times a week, is ideal.  Remember to 
    start out slowly, exercising for about five 
    to 10 minutes twice a week, and gradually build 
    to a higher level of activity.  Choose an activity 
    that you'll enjoy.  Brisk walking, swimming, 
    cross-country skiing and yoga are just a few 
    of the options.
    Before starting your regular exercise regimen, 
    always check with your doctor, especially if 
    you have a family history of early stroke 
    or heart attack.



    A chat room full of Baby Boomers and More Boomers chat about trivia, life, cooking, and fun By Barry Wood Boomers International Newsletter Editor Just because Lion_Anthony and SUNDANCER_5 (two nicks for the same person) says he's about to leave the chat room of Boomers International, doesn't mean he's gone for good, "I'm going to get my book," he types. That means we will be playing trivia. Excellent. Lion_Anthony is Tony, a curious 19 year old who fits in well with us "real" baby boomers. We call Tony our "boomlet". Sleepinggypsy50 makes us hungry by telling us what she is cooking. Our mouths water as she tells us she's leaving again to "check dinner". I am reminiscing the image of a plate of teriyaki chicken being placed in front of me. We turn to Bill for answers. Especially, answers to computer questions that Tony might ask. Darlene, Ron, Ed, Lora, and Dave (devoted chatters*) joins the chat room most night. (* partial list of devoted chatters: bill_patchell BeachBoyRon, ScorpioGrl1, Akokot, STARJM50, WoodPeckerXX, mendy60, AnneMarie5298, Sleepinggypsy50, EdZeiser, Forestsvilledave, Kool421, MomMangnall, Sauljane, BDPoe, boomersint, BJV5169, neandershort, Lion_Anthony, SUNDANCE_5, Hvyhaul, CALBEAR4578, gonecoastal, cresncty, Maillady, Treelady77, Cha_38, UB1112, Fatchance_98, hvyhaul, Artie62702...) West Coasters are mostly late night chatters. The late chatter group is headed by Sauljane from Oslo, Norway. Saul gets to chat room before his breakfast each morning and it is usually around 9:30pm PST. Cha_38 from Canada finishs up her chores at her horse-ranch and usually gets to chat at about the same time. Cresncty from Real Northern Cal and Sullie_ from Santa Barbara and Mommamagnal from Las Vegas also visit chat room during late hour... late for the East Coasters and the Midwesterners. These kind people have made me feel welcome. Thanks, people. In fact, everyone in the chat room would make any new member feel right at home. And that makes the Club's founder, Jeri, another faithful chatter, happy indeed. She created Boomers International web site in 1996, and has worked hard in maintaining the web site and newsletter. She has helps but "oversees everything." Besides a hectic life, Jeri is taking courses for her post-graduate program. Too much. The unstoppable Jeri needs to slow down. Jeri is short for Jieranai T. Maier. How's that for a mouthful? Jeri is a systems analyst, she lives and works in The San Francisco Bay Area, California. If you haven't been to Boomers' chat room for a while, you may want to come back for a second look. The welcome mat always opened. Check us out by going to this Boomers International Club:

    Boomers International Club

    You need to obtain a YAHOO id to log into our member club's chat room, message posting and to check the calendar. Single Boomers! Check out and join Boomers Love Connection Club: http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/boomersloveconnection
    Boomers International Club Chat Room!
    Chat room open daily at: 6:00pm PST, 
    (5:00pm PST Weekends).

    1.5 million television sets in the U.S.
    U.S. military budget: $12 billion
    Cost of a 1950 Ford Crestliner: $1,424
    Cost of a 1950 Ferrari 166 MM: $10,000
    Cost of a movie ticket: 50 cents
    Sources: Ford Motor Co., Ferrari, Automobile 
    Association of America 
    Oscar winner for Best Picture: An American in Paris
    No. 1 single: "Too Young," by Nat King Cole
    NCAA football champion: University of Tennessee
    NFL champion: Los Angeles 
    Stanley Cup winner: Toronto 
    Year-end Dow Jones Industrial Average: 269.22
    Cost of a gallon of gas: 27 cents
    Cost of a 1951 Plymouth Concord two-door sedan: $1,673
    Median income: $3,709
    Other Notables:
    Singin' in the Rain is released.
    L. Ron Hubbard founds Scientology.
    Oral contraceptives introduced.
    Sony licenses transistor radio technology.
    Scrabble is introduced.
    Dick and Maurice McDonald sell their first 
    fast-food franchise.
    Other Notables:
    Best Picture: From Here to Eternity
    Top Song: "Theme Song from Moulin Rouge" 
    Percy Faith and His Orchestra
    Number of women in the workforce: 19,382,000
    Total number in the workforce: 63,015,000
    Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Other Notables
    Best Picture: On the Waterfront
    Number of homes in the U.S. with TVs: 29 million
    First TV dinner is introduced: It costs 98 cents and 
    contains turkey, dressing, gravy, peas and sweet potatoes.
    Alan Turing, mathematician and artificial intelligence 
    pioneer, commits suicide after being persecuted, and 
    prosecuted, for homosexual acts.
    Other notables
    Ford Thunderbird costs $2,695
    Minimum wage is raised to $1
    Best Picture: Marty
    Admission to Disneyland costs $1
    Weekday price of The New York Times is 5 cents
    Loaf of bread costs 17 cents
    McDonald's hamburger costs 15 cents
    Best Picture: Around the World in 80 Days 
    Woody Guthrie composes "This Land Is Your Land" 
    Top Record: Elvis Presley's "Don't Be Cruel" 
    Median price of a house is $14,500. 
    SOURCES:  CNN Website.

    MAY 1999

    Boomer Of The Month
    The boomer of the month is Darlene Lavoie.  
    Born in 1948, she has two sons and one daughter.  
    She's been married for 34 years.  Two years ago, 
    she and her husband built a house together.  
    In the Boomers' chat room, Darlene is known 
    as "ScorpioGrl1."
    Darlene spent most of her working life in child care. Now, she works for a law firm. "Guess you could call me a file clerk," she chuckles.
    Darlene loves people and likes it when everybody's happy. This shows when she's in the chat room. She's always there to bring a big smile to everyone's face.
    Darlene has been on-line for a few years and she introduced so many of her great freinds to the Boomers International Club. This is one of Darlene's great talents and assets, she has the ability to attract and meet so many friends with her warm, friendly and loving personality.
    Her favorite colors are green and pink. What a fine combination of colors.
    Congratulations, Darlene, on being Boomer-of-the-Month!

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