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WebSideStory Pick of the Week! 3/16/98

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By Jeri Maier, Deryl D. Danner Sr.

      1945: May 7 Germany surrenders 1952: Korean War continues Nixon's"Checkers"speech Apr 22 First atmospheric bomb test - Yucca Flat, Nevada May CORE holds first sit-ins in U.S. history Charlie Chaplin's US visa revoked 1953: May 4 Aldous Huxley (58) takes mescaline 1954: May 17 Brown v Bd of Education of Topeka: Supreme Ct strikes down seperate but equal' doctrine, outlawing segregation in public schools May 8 Dien Bien Phu: French defeat in Vietnam 1955: May Davy Crockett song (Bill Hayes version) tops best seller charts; other versions also in Top Ten 1956: May 27 Tallahassee bus boycott 1957: May17 MLK leads Prayer Pilgrimage to Washington D.C. - 30,000 (Third anniversary of Brown vs. Bd of Ed decision) 1958: May V.P. Nixon motorcade booed in Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Venezuela May Elvis Presley goes into the army (rock calendar sez enters Mar 24, 59) May 11 Last Poet's Follies, SF spring Partisan: \fIThe Know-Nothing Bohemians\fR - Norman Podhoretz May Art D'Lugoff opens Village Gate on Bleeker St. National attention on beats, tour buses start touring North Beach 1959: May US? sends two monkeys up in a rocket May 25 Billie Holiday's last performance (44) [dies 1959] First Newport Folk Festival: Joan Baez performs (summer Kesey, working at hospital & writing) 1960: May 1 Francis Gary Powers shot down in U-2 over USSR (public discovers spy flights have been routine) May 6 Civil Rights Act signed by JFK May 9 First oral contraceptive, Enovid, licensed May 13 during SLATE sit-in against non-admission to HUAC hearings (SF City Hall) police attack 200 protestors May Payola Scandel (radio) May ? Dylan tapes John Birch Society Blues for the Ed Sullivan tv show (censored) May 2 Birmingham: 958 children go to jail for marching May 3 Connor orders fire houses & dogs turned on children marching out of the 16th St Baptist Church in Birmingham to keep them from marching out of the "Negro section" 1963: May 6 (Mon) Birmingham: 1000 children & adults arrested, making a total of about 2500\fR (Ella Baker, Dave Dellinger, James Forman, Dick Gregory, Guy & Candie Carawan, Joan Baez in Birmingham) [when? JFK "ordered Alabama National Guard placed under Federal control, used display of military force to impose deseg"] May 7 thousands of Negro children enter downtown "white" Birmingham May 8 Buddhist uprisings against Diem start in Hue May 9 meetings between white & Negro leaders negotiate an end to much of Birmingham segregation May 11 (Sat) KKK rally just outside of Birmingham and bombing of A.D. King's home & Gaston Motel, followed by riot around the motel area May 16 sit-ins & marches throughout the south next 10 weeks: 758 demonstrations in 186 cities, 14,733 arrests in 11 southern states\fR (throughout June & July) May Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (with Blowin in the Wind) Joan Baez and Bob Dylan sing at Monterey Folk Festival, and Baez starts introducing Dylan at her concerts when? Cooper makes 22 orbits May 28 Medgar Evers gets agreement of negotiations in Jackson which is then withdrawn; 4 students & professor harassed during sit-in at Woolworth's lunch counter May 31 600 children arrested for marching [Jackson?? or Birmingham?] 1964: May very first LA Free Press at first? KPFK Renaissance Faire May Dylan's first visit to England, meets Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eric Burden of Animals (who is doing first "folk-rock" piece House of Rising Sun); turns Beatles on to marijuana 1964: May Oldest baby boomers reach 18, graduate high school 1965: May 3 Drop City commune founded, ?in New Mexico? on Interstate Hwy 125 into Colorado May 6 First two Marine divisions arrive Vietnam 1965: May Beatles: A Ticket to Ride hit May Berkeley: Vietnam Day & teach-ins at many other colleges May 17 National Teach-in broadcast over radio from Wash. D.C. May L.A. Free Press starts regular publication\fP (the Mime Troupe) Spring Albin House concerts May 26 Riverside County salmonella crisis causes new look at water supplies in the US 1965: May Dylan: Blonde on Blonde May Beatles: Paperback Writer/Rain May 10 Vietnam: General Thi dismissed from government by Ky; Buddhist revolt starts May 15 10,000+ picket White House & rally at Wash Mon w 63,000 (SANE + 4 other organizations) May 20-23 Buddhist & labor union demonstrations against Ky govt in Saigon May 26 Second day of Internatl Days of Protest: 20,000 Fifth Ave, NYC called by "National Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam" May 29 Buddhist nun immolates self in Hue, the first of eleven immolations in next three weeks 1967: May first week \fBOakland Black Panthers demonstrate in the State legislature; first national media attention Stokely Carmichael turns over Chair SNCC to H. Rap Brown May Bertrand Russell's War Crimes Tribunal meets in Stockholm, denounces U.S. leaders for crimes against humanity in Vietnam May 'End of Provo' event - Vondelpark, Amsterdam --> formation of Kabouters 1968: May Life: "Who Says College Kids Have Changed? At Indiana Univ, the students' main concern is looking out for No. 1" May Paul McCartney reveals that Beatles have all taken acid (May 20 NYC: Flower Power Day) May 27 Scott MacKenzie: Are You Going to San Francisco enters charts May 30 Biafra declares independence from Nigeria May 30 (Mem. Day) NYC, Tompkins Square Park, Lower East Side: confrontation between hippies & Puerto Ricans 1969: May when? Fifteen people enter Chicago central draft depository and destroy all records of twelve local draft boards and some files of eight others May when? John and Yoko: Montreal bed-in week and record "Give Peace a Chance" May 7 Lou Gottlieb deeds Morning Star Ranch to God May 13 Nixon sends draft reform plan to Congress May 14 Sup Ct Justice Abe Fortas resigns under fire for personal conduct (first in history) May 14 Night: police build fence around People's Park May 15 People's Park\fR: James Rector (25) killed Reagan: "If it's a blood bath, then let it be now." orders gassing of U.C. campus 60 wounded, including Alan Blanchard blinded for life, Steve Carr -> 17 days of street fighting, ending in march by 30,000 150 demonstrators shot & wounded May 19 Sup Ct overturns Leary conviction for crossing Mex to Texas w mj - overturns 2 fed anti-mj laws May 20 134 day class boycott of San Francisco State settled May 21? Police in helicopters drop teargas on U.C. Berk campus rally May 22 Colombia\fR: 100 (SDS) students flee 2 bldgs after warrants (asking no military recruitment on campus, end to ROTC, black studies program) + Queens (NYC) & Cornell when? "Canadian govt allows Am mil deserters to settle in Canada" May 30 (Mem Day) 20,000 people in People's Park - with permit flowers on the fences May Apollo 8 photo of earthrise over the moon published as US postage stamp & circulated widely, as Buckminster Fuller uses the term "spaceship earth" 1970: May First week: 30 ROTC bldgs burned or bombed, Natl Guard on 21 campuses in 16 states May 1 (Saturday) ROTC bldg ransacked College Park, Wash D.C. "M 1-2" New Haven: new protests over the pending trial of Seale & Ericka Hu/iggins -> 20,000 by Sunday May 2 (Sunday) ROTC bldg burned down at Kent State May 3 Yale Day: 15,000 protest 9 Black Panthers awaiting trial in New Haven May 4 Kent State University, Ohio: National Guard fires into crowd at anti-war demonstration, 4 students killed & 8 wounded\fR May 4 5,000 demo at College Park, Wash D.C., 450 policemen unable to disperse, 600 Natl Guard sent in May 6-20? The Strike 448 colleges\fR 1 million+ students "4 million students" Gitlin: 750+ campuses (of 2500 nationwide), demos at 1200+ (demonstrations against sending troops to Cambodia)\fR when? ?including? Stanford "worst riots in its history" (75 campuses stayed closed thru rest of the school year May 8 (ck) Nixon fire Gen. Lewis Hershey as director of the Selective Service & agrees to withdraw all U.S. troops from Cambodia within 30 days May 9 Mobilization: 100,000+ in Wash D.C. on only 10 days notice (Git) May 9-11 50-60,000 demonstrators gather in Washington May 13 Movement for a New Congress - to elect peace candidates founded at Princeton Univ May 14/15 Jackson State College woman's dorm, Mississippi: two black students killed, 9/12/12 wounded - no media coverage May Philip Berrigan captured, sent to Federal Penitentiary Also H. Rap Brown jumps bail on way to Maryland trial for inciting riot & arson Ma/Jun Alcatraz removals 1971: Apr 26 50,000 demonstrators (Vets?) in Washington D.C. set up "Algonquin Peace City" (in West Potomac Park), May 1 attempt to blockade govt for a day; 5,000 District police, 1,500 Natl Gd & 8,000 fed troops start evacuating: 7,000 arrested [another source: "20,000 Natl Gd & police, 10,000 paratroopers"] May 3-5 1,200 arrested - final total 12,614 (record) May Amtrak starts operations (182 trains to service 300 cities) May England's former prime minister Harold Wilson says LBJ could have ended the Viet war in Feb 67 May 4 Dollar crisis starts in Europe, as five currencies are freed from parity with US dollar May Bobby Seale released after charges of ordering murder of Black Panther Alex Rackley in New Haven dropped, out on bail on 4 year Chicago trial contempt charges May 13 "13 Black Panthers acquitted" (is this the same?) May 15 Second anniversary of People's Park demo, "instigated" by Daily Cal, leads to Daily Cal moving off U.C. Berkeley campus May 25 Bobby Seale & Ericka Huggins case dismissed (same as second?) May Philip & Daniel Berrigan indicted for "conspiracy to kidnap" a high govt official ie. the Pres. May Gaskin's caravan arrives in Tennessee May The Last Whole Earth Catalog May French left joins Larzac farmers in protest against French government's planned expansion of military base May Life: Rosie Grier does needlework May Airlines start super cheap flights to Europe 1976: May 28 OPEC extends oil price freeze 1977: May Unemployment down to 7% - lowest in 29 months May 1-2 \fB1,414 arrested as Clamshell Alliance occupies construction site of nuclear power plant at Seabrook, New Hampshire\fP May 13 La Pasionaria returns to Madrid, 34 days after the Communist Party is legalized in Spain May 13 500 demonstrators arrested at Seabrook demo found guilty of trespass 1978: May 21 4,300 rally at Bangor Naval Base, Wash to protest U.S. Trident 1979: May 4 Margaret Thatcher elected Prime Minister of Britain May 6 65,000+ Wash anti-nuke\fP May 8 California starts odd-even license gas distribution May? OPEC raises oil prices again (2 1/2 x) 1980: May 4 Tito dies, Yugoslavia, xx years head of state May 17-19 Black uprising, Miami May 18 Mount St. Helens erupted in Washington State. May 21 Carter announces state of emergency at Love Canal 1981: May House passes Nuclear Freeze, to be tabled by Senate May 23 30th black youngster found dead in Atlanta May 18 Rev. Sun Myung Moon convicted of tax fraud 1983: May 15 NYT: Vast Office Glut Plagues Downtowns: Average vacancy rate across the nation hits 10.8% in March (includes Denver, Houston, Chicago, etc) up from 3.4% in 1980 AIDS worries deaths from PCP/angel dust Garry Trudeau takes a year off doing Doonesbury break-dancing digital ripped sweatshirts "a la Flashdance" anti-nuke: Shoreham 1984: May Dutch government appears to conclude it cannot accept missile deployment May 3 Iran, Iraq attack ships in Persian Gulf May 7 Veterans & 7 chemical companies settle Agent Orange suit (out of court): 15,000 vets & families to get $180 mill May 10 US govt held negligent in above-ground testing of nuclear weapons in Nevada from 51 to 62, though only one cancer victim compensated May The MX program barely survives a House vote May 15 Senate Foreign Relations Committee rejects Reagan nominee (for head of U.S. Information Agency) May 21-26 First North American Bioregional Congress meets in Excelsior Springs, Ozarkia bioregion, Missouri May 23 Contra Eden Pastora admits receiving CIA aid May 24 Longest Run leaves NYC, 51 days to Sacto 1985: May Nature\fP publishes new research by Dr. Joe Farman which indicates ozone layer levels are falling May 1 Reagan ends U.S. trade with Nicaragua May 2 Senate votes to limit Pentagon spending to 85 levels, adjusted for inflation May 12 Washington Post reports Lebanese counterterrorist unit responsible for car bomb in Beirut suburb which killed 80 on March 8 was trained by the CIA May 12 Philadelphia police bomb & destroy 61 row houses & kill 11 in confrontation with anarchist group MOVE May 17 Fed cuts interest rate to 7.5% (lowest since 78) Two major banks immed drop rate 10.5 to 10% May 20 (Next trading day) Stock Market rises 19.54 pt to finish above 1300 for the first time May 23 Reagan & Senate agree to compromise limiting MX missiles to 50    Welcome to Boomers International.
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