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WebSideStory Pick of the Week! 3/16/98

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By The Men's Editor
Gary Sorkin


    I welcome all you Boomer Men out there -- and it is a distinct pleasure to extend my hand to you. A manly handshake is always a good way to start a friendship. I certainly hope that we do become friends.

    The main goal of Boomers International is to make the world a better place to live. My goal as your editor, and perhaps your host, is to make you MEN feel comfortable here. I'd like you to think of this place as your home away from home. Hopefully together - we can make the world better in our own way.

    The key.

    Kick up your feet, and feel as if you are not alone. Picture this room, this den, this page, anyway you wish. Picture deep wooden paneled walls with a roaring fireplace. Picture a pool table in the center of the room where we can gather around and shoot the breeze. Just make yourselves comfortable and let's talk. Talking to each other is the key, and this is the room that the key unlocks. We have much to say to each other. So much has gone unsaid for so long.

    Perhaps that is what we are missing in our lives as Boomer men, the ability to TALK to each other. Let that end right here - and right now. As your editor, I will gather many excellent Boomer men writers from many walks of life to talk about the issues that touch us all. Their goal, as is mine, is to begin a dialogue between us. We will make you laugh, we will make you hurt, and we might even make you cry. It's Okay -- you're among friends.

    Changing with the times.

    We are all different, and yet we are all the same. The tra- ditional roles of men are - if not yet - a thing of the past. The notion of men getting up at the break of dawn to go out into the workplace and provide the food and shelter for ourselves and our families is rapidly becoming outdated. The industrial revolution is gone, the concept of the "nuclear family is evap- orating, and the roles of men and women are evolving, as the world grows smaller with each click of your mouse. It's not that we have changed so much -- it is the world in which we now find ourselves living. Thomas Jefferson said, "As times change - you change. " Change is good. We men can start right here.

    What new challenges lie ahead?

    The definition of, "What makes a man?" Well, you tell me. That is what this Boomer Men site is all about. Who are we and where are we going? What exactly is a man's role in the 21st century? We need to talk about all this. The more we talk the more we'll understand. The more we understand the more we'll grow. The more we grow - the better the world will be.

    Lost along the way.

    When we were children, our boyhood friends were everything to us. We moved onto our teen years, and then perhaps onto college, and our male friends were our "brothers. " We shared, we laughed, and we were ONE as men. Then, we slowly moved into the real world, and somewhere, somehow, we lost it. Life got in the way. We no longer looked to each other for the answers to life. Our "brotherhood," had suddenly disappeared. Where did we lose it? Where has it gone? Can we ever get it back?
    There's only one way to find out. We must TALK. We must share our commonality. We must share our experiences. We must share our manhood. We must share our humanity.
    Once again, welcome guys, this is for you.

    Let the dialogue begin.

    Men Editor's Archive columns
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