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          AUGUST 2000 ISSUE
    Table of Contents:
    SECTION ONE - - The Dog Days Of August
    SECTION TWO - - The High Cost Of Higher Education
    SECTION THREE - - Boomers CareGivers
    SECTION FOUR - - Jeri's favorite Links
    SECTION SIX - - Boomers Of The Month
    Karen "Annie" Blunk
    John "Boy" Nielsen
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    SECTION ONE - The Dog Days Of August

    Section One:

    The Dog Days of Summer

    Woof! Woof! Oh, boy it's hot!

    Why are the dog days of summer called the dog days of summer? Because no living being can appreciate relaxing like a dog. Given a relatively flat surface - the floor of a porch warmed by the sun, for example - a dog knows instinctively what to do: he collapses. No vanity there, either: he's on his back, his mouth open, his tongue hanging out. Dogs truly appreciate a summer day for what it is - a Mother Nature-imposed break. Yes, it is too hot to move. So sit, boy, sit!
    SECTION TWO - The High Cost Of Higher Education


    The High Cost Of Higher Education

    The end of August brings many families to the realities of their children going off to college. The value of a good education can never be under-estimated - neither should the cost of an education be under-estimated. There are three types of colleges and three types of costs:

    1. In-state colleges. These are schools in your own state that will cost you the least for your child to attend.

    2. Out-of-state state colleges. State universities not in your own state. These are in the middle-range of cost.

    3. Private colleges. The most expensive. These schools will usually give you the most money in loans and grants.

    The more loans you get the longer it will take you (or your college graduate) to pay them off. Some families and individuals are burdened with these loans for a very long time. Study all the available statistics on the colleges that you want and can afford.

    A great source of financial information is US News and World Report College Issue
    SECTION THREE - Boomers CareGivers


    Boomers Caregivers

    WELCOME By: Gail R Mitchell

    Greetings! I would like to welcome you to the Boomers International caregivers' channel. As you know, Boomers International has undergone a major transformation. As expressed under shared humanity on our main page, "goodness, love and wisdom" hold the key to sharing with our loved ones as well as all of humanity in this new age we have entered.

    Caregiving is becoming one of the most important issues the boomer generation will be challenged with. Boomers Caregivers in alliance with Empowering Caregivers will be creating areas, which will enhance your new role with informative and supportive databases, articles, resources, advocacy and legislation issues, financial and legal information, emotional and spiritual issues and most of all community. A place to connect with others who are faced with similar issues at hand.

    The Caregiver Channel will be updated and expanded on a daily basis along with our Caring For Parents Channel.

    SECTION FOUR - Jeri's favorite Links

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    "Even though experience has repeatedly proven that their attitudes and views with regard to love and sexuality bring them only failure and disappointment, the majority of people persist in the belief that it is not their understanding that is at fault, but simply the fact they have not yet met their soul mate. Happiness, they believe, is merely a question of meeting someone. Unfortunately this is not how things work, because a soul mate is not a man or woman one meets, just like that, in the street and with whom you will fall in love at first sight. Meeting a soul mate is firstly a psychic process in other words mental, emotional, and spiritual by which the higher part of your self attracts its counterpart. And you need to have been working for a long time before you can identify the higher part of your self. Those who make great efforts to prove themselves worthy of their divine half will attract it. A bond will establish itself with their divine half because it lives within them. If you want to find your soul mate do not start looking for it outwardly. Instead, work with the light and your soul mate will come to you, because it will be attracted by the light it sees glowing in you. You do not know where your soul mate is? But it knows where you are. All you need do is wait for it inwardly. It will come." Omraam Mikhaėl Aļvanhov If you wish to visit Prosveta's site, or consult the many titles by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov go to

    SECTION FIVE: BOOMER OF THE MONTH: Boomers Of The Month - AUGUST Karen "Annie" Blunk AND John "Boy" Nielsen Karen "Annie" Blunk John "Boy" Nielsen John's Vietnam Page Poem For Annie!
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