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         OCTOBER 2000 ISSUE
    Table of Contents:
    SECTION ONE - - Boo
    SECTION TWO - - Vote For Gore
    SECTION THREE - - October - Teen Read Month
    SECTION FOUR - - The World Series
    SECTION FIVE - - Jeri's Favorite Links
    SECTION SIX - - Boomer Of The Month
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    SECTION ONE - Boo!

    October is a scary month. Skies turn grey. Trees drip blood-colored leaves. The sidewalks fill with half-size ghosts and ghouls (for at least one night, anyway). Even grown men put on make-up and do all they can to make us shiver in our shoes. No wait, those are the presidential candidates... Ah, well. October is a month for deep-thinking about weighty issues and no-thinking while we watch football (finally!) and down Mars bars. Raise your hand if you really believe that Halloween candy you just bought will last until Halloween. Now, that's scary!

    SECTION TWO - Vote For Gore

    There are so many things we love 
    about this month, it's impossible 
    to fit them all into the newsletter.  
    We've poked around and decided to 
    offer up one particularly clever 
    and one sentimental favorite.  
    First, for a one-stop-Halloween
    -shopping experience, go to
    There, you'll discover Halloween 
    fonts for your pc and a haunted 
    auction.  You can also participate 
    in a survey about which movie 
    was the most gory and which had 
    the best zombies.  The name of the 
    survey is...are you ready?...
    "Vote for Gore!" (The site gets 
    extra credit points for coming 
    up with that.) Next, you can go 
    to one of this editor's favorite 
    places in the world: the Salem 
    Witch Museum.   If you can't 
    make it to Salem on Halloween, 
    you can visit their website.  
    Frighteningly enough it's 
    The museum is more of a 
    history lesson about the Salem 
    witch trials than anything 
    remotely black magic-y.  It's 
    linked to The History Channel 
    and has been deemed a Safe Site 
    by CyberAngels.  We hope every 
    Boomer and Boomlet has a safe 
    and healthy Halloween!

    SECTION THREE - October 15th - 21st Teen Read Week


    2000 Theme: Take Time to Read When teenagers and teachers come to the conclusion that more time is needed to read for the fun of it, it's time to listen to what they are saying. The American Library Association was listening and responded by choosing "Take Time To Read" as the theme for Teen Read Week 2000, which will be observed October 15-21. The need for more time to read is expressed by teens in an online survey conducted by and the Young Adult Library Services Association during Teen Read Week 1999. Nearly half (43%) of the 3,072 young men and women between the ages of eleven and eighteen said they enjoyed reading for the fun of it but did not have time to do so. A seventeen-year-old girl from Quincy, Massachusetts, said, "I do love reading, I just don't have time . . . with work and school. I don't like people getting the impression I don't read or I don't like to, because I wish I could read more for pleasure."

    Time spent reading is related to reading success. Time spent reading is associated with attitudes toward additional reading. Time spent reading is tied to knowledge of the world. Reading is a worthwhile life experience.

    SECTION FOUR - The World Series

    October is one of those in-between months. It's 
    not warm and it's not really cold yet - as I 
    said, in-between. There are some wonders that 
    occur in October: the leaves turn all those 
    beautiful indescribable colors: red-yellow-
    orange-brown and tan. The trees turn bare as 
    they await the harshness of Winter. But, to 
    many of us, October has one meaning: The World 
    Series. I was born a Yankee fan in a house full 
    of Dodgers. Somehow, I always had a fondness for 
    October. Recently, the Yankees have dominated 
    the world of major league baseball. This year, as 
    I write this, the playoffs are around the corner 
    and we will see what we will see. The history of 
    the World Series is closely tied to the history 
    of our country. Many people remember where they 
    were when Don Larson pitched his perfect game 
    in 1956. Many remember The Mick, Sandy, Say-hey 
    and THAT catch, Carlton Fisk and his begging the 
    ball to stay fair, Bob Gibson, Reggie - Reggie - 
    Reggie, and on and on and on. To read about the 
    World Series year by year, here's a treat 
     The history of the World Series and here is the 
    Web site. 

    Let's go Yanks!
    SECTION FIVE - Jeri's Favorite Links

 Holloween Haunted House.
    Black Cat.
    Play With The Black Cat. Sitcom Online. How many vintage Hawaiian shirts can you stand to look at? Test your mettle at All music guide lets you search for all kind of musics from all eras: Film Finder, People Finder, Grossary, Essays... Artistic renderings of all 42 Presidents and concise and informative bios and the artists who captured their likenesses are on this site Trivia: The Isley Brothers Formed 1954 in Cincinnati, OH Group Members Jimi Hendrix Marvin Isley O'Kelly Isley Ronald Isley Rudolph Isley Everett Collins Chris Isley Vernon Isley The Isley Brothers recruited a young guitarist to play on their 1964 tour, a player named Jimmy James. The unknown James was actually the legendary Jimi Hendrix who went on to become the quintessential guitar player. Hendrix also made his first recordings with the Brothers Isley.

    SECTION SIX - BOOMER OF THE MONTH: Christine is our Boomer Of The Month for October.
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