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A Warm & Hearty Welcome to Boomers International ™

Who are we?

Boomers are defined by not only our age, we are so much more than that. Boomers make up the majority of world population. We influence elections, we influence education, and we influence consumerism. We are the heads of corporations and the matriarchs of families -- and everything in between. We are everyone and everywhere.

Our differences are vast, and yet we are all the same. This group CELEBRATEs our differences and SHAREs in our similarities. Let's talk about how you got here, and where you're going.... Let's start our connection.

It's easy to get started with our Boomers International network website. Knowing some of the basics will help.

What is a Boomers International network website?

Boomers International network website allows you to create and manage your profile and build your own profile / mini webpage easily. After you create your profile. You can log in and connect with other members.

Logging in

To login to your site use the user name and password that you created as part of the registration process. Once logged-in you will be able to create and edit your profile,  and modify some settings.

Creating an article

Once you are logged-in, a new menu will be visible. To create a new article, click on the "Submit Article" link on that menu.

The new article interface gives you a lot of options, but all you need to do is add a title and put something in the content area. To make it easy to find, set the state to published.

You can edit an existing article by clicking on the edit icon (this only displays to users who have the right to edit).

Template, site settings, and modules

The look and feel of your profile page is controlled by a template. You can change your profile name, background colour, highlights colour and more by editing the template settings. Click the "Template Settings" in the user menu.

The boxes around the main content of the site are called modules. You can modify modules on the current page by moving your cursor to the module and clicking the edit link. Always be sure to save and close any module you edit.

You can change your profile page / site settings such as the site name and description by clicking on the "Site Settings" link.

Learn more

There is much more to learn about how to use your Boomers Social Networking Joomla! to create the web site you envision. You can learn much more at the Joomla! documentation site and on the Joomla! forums.