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SECTION ONE Sharing Love and Abundance.
SECTION TWO Boomers Research.
SECTION FOUR Boomers High Lights
SECTION FIVE Boomer's LifeStyles.
SECTION SIX Boomer's Tidbits & News.

BOOMERS NEWSLETTER: The purpose of this publication is to

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View from office windows
Editor's Corner:
Dear Friends,

It's been a while since we send our 
email newsletter to you.  We hope 
that all is well with your life and your family. 

Labor Day marks the end of the summer 
but it is still hot here at Maier Ranch.
although the days are getting shorter  
We are going through the change of the seasons.
Soon, it will be time to say farewell to 
Summer & a warm welcome to Autumn! . 

This summer we have been busy with 
our site to provide resouces and new 
communities for our members to share
and exchange thoughts and ideas as
well as providing support to each other.

So what is new with the site?
We have a new community forum.

community forum.

We have new articles and polls.  

We have added many new poems, book
reviews, site reviews and new articles
relating to boomers and seniors.

Please visit our new community bulletin board
and see if you have any ideas for our 
web sites and various groups on Yahoo and MSN.

Fall is the time for reflection and renewal.  
To me Winter has been the time to assess one's 
life and plant inner seeds for dreams 
to harvest in the future.  

May the rest of the year bring you renew sense 
of  joy, sense of journeys into the soul with 
an abundance of love.

Peace, Love and Light,
with abundance of joy  Always!
Boomers International Institute™ 

SECTION ONE - Sharing Love and Abundance.
The Volunteering Spirits!
By: Jeri Maier
At the heart and soul of our web site, our 
volunteers are crucial in keeping our groups 
run smooth and keeping our team-spirits up. 
Our volunteers donate their time and contribute
tirelessly to our communities. 

Some members on our volunteer team 
write for us. Many help moderate on 
our community forums on our site 
and at our various affiliated groups 
(Yahoo and MSN).

Margaret Walker, M.A. 
Psychology and Mental Health Counseling
Community Moderator 
Margaret has degrees in Psychology and Mental
Health Counseling.  
She has written 150 poems and is a "Resident Poet"
for a greeting card company in the UK. She has written 
a book about Social Change that she plans to update
and get published.   
Margaret moderates several of our forums at:
Boomers International Communities

Craig Nathanson, M.A.,M.S.
Monthly Motivational Articles 
Craig Nathanson, The Vocational Coach works 
with people to discover and experience their 
vocational passion. As a corporate veteran 
with 25 years management experience, Craig is 
also a local college lecturer, writer, 
workshop leader and marathoner. 
Boomer Men's Columns

Community Moderator 
Judy is one of our community's moderator.
She is a native New Yorker.  
Judy is in the field of Market Reseach. She compiles 
reseache for Roper Starch readership reports for 
her company's clients.
Judy enjoys dancing, the beach, going to the 
country, long rides, walks in a park, sunsets
and rainbows. 
Single Boomers International At Yahoo

Deryl Danner Sr., B.S.,M.A.
Community Moderator, Writer

Deryl is a historian, he lives and works in Hawaii.
He is one of our Group Moderators of:
Boomers International At Yahoo

Heather T. Carr 
Community Moderator 
Heather is a stay at home mom with one surviving child, 
a daughter, who is 30. 
In her spare time Heather sells Avon, volunteer 
at a local Assisted Living Facility, 
Heather moderates one of our forums at: 
Boomers International Communities

Tina Marie 
Community Moderator 
Tina Marie is one of our Group Moderators of:
Boomers International on Yahoo. 
Boomers International At Yahoo
Laura Pintop 
Community Moderator 
Laura is a vintage 1958 babyboomer!  
Originally from New Jersey, Laura has been making 
her home in the Sunshine State, Florida, 
for the past 12 years.  Writing is her hobby, 
fast turning into a vocation (last fall, 
an article about Annette Funicello that she co-wrote 
with established writer Don Charles was published 
in Cool & Strange Music Magazine; two more pieces, 
one solo, are scheduled for publication this year).  
Boomers International Oldies At MSN Group 
Community Moderator at Yahoo's Boomers Singles 
Richard is a free spirited and a fun person.
Join Richard and hear his fun stories.

Single Boomers International At Yahoo
SECTION TWO - Boomer Research

Lifestyles, Dating and Romance:

A Study of Midlife Singles What comes to mind today when single men or single women are mentioned is either people between 20 and 30 navigating the singles scene, or the widowed elderly, especially women. However, with increases in life expectancy and divorce during the past century, the midlife and older single population is rapidly growing. As a result, the image of singlehood is ripe for change. This online survey of 3,501 age 40-69 single men and women was conducted for AARP The Magazine to obtain a snapshot of their lives, their outlook and well-being, their activities, and their attitudes and behavior in the arenas of dating and sex. Among the study's findings: Singles in their 40s, 50s and 60s say their personal freedom and independence is what they like most about being single, but it comes with the price of not having someone to do things with. The majority date either exclusively or non-exclusively, but large proportions, especially of older women, take a pass on dating and sex. Only 2 percent of women say that sex is acceptable during the first date, while 20 percent of men think it is. Women want dates to have someone to talk to or do things with; men want the sexual dimension built in. Personality and sense of humor count most for both men and women, but many men emphasize physical attractiveness and sexual satisfaction. Both midlife and older men and women want to date younger individuals. The survey was conducted during June 2003 by Knowledge Networks, using its web-enabled consumer research panel, a randomly recruited and nationally representative sample of the U.S. population. A benefit of this methodology is that it affords more privacy for respondents, compared to a telephone survey, when the study has sensitive questions. The report was prepared by Xenia Montenegro, Ph.D. of AARP Knowledge Management. For further information, contact Dr. Montenegro at or 202-434-3538 or Linda Fisher, Ph.D. at or 202-434-6304.

SECTION THREE - Book Release & News

We are proud to announce the release of Craig's
new book, P Is For Perfect: Your Perfect 
Vocational Day.

Readers of P Is For Perfect will develop 
new ideas and support for starting to do 
more of what they want in their vocational 
life vs more of what they don't want.


Mailing list only: Special publication special!!

Through October 20th only, Craig will make available P 
is for Perfect: Your Perfect Vocational Day available 
at a special price of $ 18.00 which includes free 
shipping and a signed copy, 

Please visit Craig site to sign up:

The The Vocational Coach 

This month's stories, Q and A with The Vocational 
Coach and much more is ready for you at

Craig's Upcoming Public workshops:
Craig's signs a deal to go international in October!

August 10th- Vocational Passion workshop in Danville
October 1st- Vocational Passion workshop in Toronto 
to launch the Canada tour!
October 6th- P Is For Perfect Book launch in Ottawa, 

October 14th- Vocational Passion workshop 
Cal State Hayward, Ca

October- Vocational Passion workshop, 
DiscoverU, Seattle 

Read a new interview with Craig Nathanson

and learn why he followed his vocational passion!


The Federal Trade Commission opened a Web 
site where people can sign up to avoid 
telemarketers. Reports indicate that
1,000 people per second were accessing the 
site on the first day!  
The NO CALL doesn't take effect until Oct. 1. 
If you live west of the Mississippi River, 
you can register by phone
at 1-888-382-1222. Phone registration will
open to the rest of the country on July 7.
Even if you register, expect to get calls
from politicians, charities and pollsters. 
They are exempted. 
The Do Not Call site is:

Be cautious about emails seeking charitable 
contributions.  Many unsolicited email 
messages are fraudulent. If you’re approached
by an unfamiliar charity, check it out.  
Most states require charities to register 
with them and file annual reports showing
how they use donations.  Ask your state or 
local consumer protection agency how to get 
this information.  The Better Business Bureau
Wise Giving Alliance also offers information
about national charities.  
Call 703-276-0100 or go to


SECTION FOUR - Boomers High Lights
 §§ We have created a member's photo album at our 
Gallery Page.

When you sign up as a member of our
new community, you can upload
your photo for your profile,
your picture will be posted on our
photo album.  If you do not wish
to have your picture posted please
write to us and inform us of your

In the mean time, our other photo
albums will continue to be available.

Our member suggested a Young At Heart 
photo show off:

By: Jeri Maier,

For Our Boomers Groups At Yahoo and MSN:

We would like to introduce you to Deryl, 
our newest Moderator at Boomers 
International Groups.  Deryl is retired 
from the US Air Force, and currently 
working as a Historian for US Government. 
We also want to introduce you to 
Richard(prs1737), our newest 
Moderator at Boomers Single Group.  
Richard is stirring up a 
storm at our Single Group.

We opened an Oldies Musics group
at MSN groups Laura is graciously  
accepting the responsibilities 
of becoming a Group Manager. 

Please give Laura, Deryl and Richard 
your support. 

Come and visit our groups, and drop 
a note of encouragement
or just say 'HELLO' to us. 

Peace, Love and Light, 
Boomers International Institute™

What's New and intesting pages on our site:

Poems and Inspiration:

Member's Poems 

- send your poems and we will create a page for you.

• 60's in LondonABC's 30th Anniversary60Th Annual Golden Globe Award KOREAN War 50Th Anniversary50Th Anniversary - Mount Everest St. Petersburg's 300Th Anniversary Queen Elizabeth 50Th Anniversary Harley Davidson & CorvettesCentral Park 150th Anniversary 

Free Personal Free Personal FREE Personal Ads Free Advertising: Free Ads

SECTION FIVE - Boomers Tid Bits.
What’s All the Fuss About Retirement? 
If you’ve been coasting along contentedly
toward midlife, the American Association of
Retired Persons knows how to elevate your blood
pressure: A membership invitation arrives 
on your 50th birthday. So much for immortality. 
For an $8 membership fee, 
you’re entered into AARP’s expanding database 
of 33 million members, and you have taken the
first step as a participant in the great 
retirement game.
    When we become 50 we are understandably ambivalent,
if not indifferent, about retirement. 

Ready To Retire 
What Most Folks Do After 
They Leave The Work Force

Volunteer 		74%
Recreation		67%
Go Back to Work	62%
Travel		 	47%

Source: Market Facts for Bancorp Piper Jaffray
Retirement plans
Half of people 35 to 54 plan to retire between 60 and 69.
 Retirement Plan
Enjoy Work 		53%
Want Money For Extra	30%
Health Insurance	24%

Sixty-one percent of workers expect to work for pay 
during their 'retirement' years. 
Top reason: 
They enjoy work and want to stay involved.

Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI)

Cost of Medical Bills 
Cost Of Seeing A Doctor 
2005 $1172
2000 $906
1995 $739
1990 $583
Medical bills 
Source: U.S. Health Care Financing Administration

How much Americans spend a year on doctors' visits. 

How Senior view life 65+ 
Senior view life Compare to 20 Years ago.
Less stress and more free time are the top 2 
reasons Americans 65 and older say 
they're enjoying life more. 

Better 37%
About the same 38%
Worse 25% 

Retirement Spendings - 1/13/98:
Percent of people who plan to spend
more on these activities after they retire. 
66% Travel.
37% Eating Out 
33% Gifts For Family
Source: KRC Research for U.S. News/Bozell

More Boomers' Life 

In 1965's Paul Simon tored around Britain and played a string of folk clubs in the north. It was while waiting on Widnes station platform for the milk train back to London that he began writing 'Homeward Bound'; feeling sad at being away from his Kathy, worried that his songs would come back and haunt him 'in shades of mediocrity', it remains one of the rock and roll road's finest milestones. WIDNES STATION IMMORTALISED American song-writer's soft spot for Britain Widnes railway station, hitherto an unremarkable stop on the Liverpool- Warrington-Manchester line, has become the stuff of music legend, thanks to a home and lovesick Paul Simon. It was here, in 1965, that the singer/songwriter had the inspiration to for the song “Homeward Bound”, Simon and Garfunkel’s first UK hit. As a later encyclopaedia of rock put it: “It was whilst waiting for the milk train on Widnes Station, after a local folk club gig in 1965, that Paul Simon - yearning to be back in Londom in the arms of his beloved Kathy - began writing Homeward Bound.” Then virtually unknown, Paul Simon spent four nights in the Cheshire town, perrforming at the Howff Folk Club. His next stop was to be in Hull. Geoff Speed, who booked him for the Widnes date, recalled: “I remember he talked a lot about Kathy, the girlfriend he had in London. He was determined to be a success, and I remember him saying, ‘If I’m not a dollar millionaire by the time I’m thirty, I’ll consider myself a failure’.” He was, of course, a huge success, producing with his school friend, Art Garfunkel, some of the most popular and memorable songs written - Sounds of Silence, Mrs Robinson, The 59th Bridge Street, Bridge Over Troubled Waters. By his own admission, he would never forget the time he spent in England and the song which has immortalised Widnes Station (formerly called Farnworth) expresses beautifully that home is where the heart is ! I wish I was homeward bound. Home, where my thought’s escaping. Home, where my music’s playing. Home, where my love lies waiting silently for me. Widnes Station IMMORTALISED - Simon & Garfunkel The Unofficial Widnes home page James Dean Accident A September 30, 1955 automobile accident claimed the life of actor James Dean. Using photographs obtained from the accident scene, Exponent engineers performed a complete accident reconstruction and used computer simulation and animation techniques to illustrate the results of their investigation. Contrary to the information provided in the police report, they were able to show that Dean was not speeding at the time of the accident. The investigation was conducted for the television series "What Happened?" James Dean Accident Analysis See the analysis and reconstruction movie of the accident on the


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like to see changed and any great new 
feature that you would like to include. 

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For more information, 
please contact 
Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

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