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SECTION ONE Sharing Love and Abundance.
SECTION TWO Boomers Research.
SECTION FOUR Boomers High Lights
SECTION SIX Boomer's Tidbits & News.

BOOMERS NEWSLETTER: The purpose of this publication is to

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Happy Holidays December 2002
Editor's Corner:
Happy Holidays to all our friends!

Dear Friends,

First of all, Season's Greetings!  
It's that joyful time of the year
again. For many of us it represents
a time for giving and a time for sharing
love with family and friends.  For some, 
it could be a time for renewal, or a time
to forgive and forget.  
And for others yet, it could also represent
a spiritual time, a time to celebrate, 
or a time to ponder and calibrate, 
a time to stay put or time to renew.  

Whatever this holiday season holds in 
store for you, we extend our warmest 
regards and best wishes, with our sincerest 
hopes that your lives are filled with 
the magic of the season and representing 
the happiest of times!  It has been another 
great year here at Boomers International™ 
and all of us would like to thank you for
your support over the last 12 months.

There is nothing like the holidays to 
bring our members closer together - 
from all around the world.  
You have friends (and potential friends 
yet to be found) waiting for you at 
Boomers International™.  

We have made many improvements to our 
web sites throughout the year, with 
considerably more planned for 2003.  

Please visit us soon, and remember 
that if you have any ideas for our 
web sites and our groups, be sure
to let us know!

Have a happy and safe Holiday Season 
and we look forward to seeing you 
soon in 2003!

Peace, Love and Light,
with abundance of joy  Always!
Boomers International Institute™ 

SECTION ONE - Sharing Love and Abundance.
In The Holiday Spirit!
By: Jeri Maier

§§ It is a tradition for the holidays 
to share our love and joy not only
with our families and friends.

We share our love and show kindness 
towards the less-fortunates.

Boomers International donoted and will
continue to donate our profits to 
several of the worthy causes and 

We hope that you will share your love
and give to others in your community
as well.  Your kindness and contributions 
will be deeply appreciated from the hearts
and souls of those in need.

Today, the average age of a homeless person is NINE. (Homes for the Homeless, NY, NY)
Families with children represent the fastest growing segment of the homeless population, constituting approximately 40% of people who become homeless. (Report on Families with Children Living in SROs in San Francisco, March 5, 2001)
At least 1.35 million children are homeless during a year's time, representing 30% of the overall homeless population. Over 40% of homeless children are under the age of 5. ("America's Homeless Children," Volunteers of America, citing U.S. conference of Mayors, 2000)
What good are things, if the key thing is missing? LOVE is the key, Without it gifts are just things, That's why sending you LOTS OF LOVE is the best gift of all to give and to receive. By a 17 years old:

SECTION TWO - Boomer Research

Study finds families still Important

SAN MARCOS ---- A book written in part by a Cal State San Marcos sociology professor finds that families remain a healthy and vibrant part of society, despite rising divorce rates and an increased number of working moms.

In "How Families Still Matter: A Longitudinal Study of Youth in Two Generations," CSUSM's Robert Roberts joins Vern Bengtson and Timothy Biblarz of the University of Southern California in examining parental influences both on the "Baby Boomer" generation and the children of baby boomers.

The book's findings are "just one piece of the entire project" of an extensive, ongoing study, which started at USC in 1971, Roberts said. "It was an advantageous opportunity to compare boomers (born in the 1940s and '50s) with their children," born in the 1970s and '80s. The study, which started out with 500 multigenerational families, looked at the career and educational goals, the self-esteem and the social values of boomers between the ages of 16 and 26 and, more recently, their children at the same stage.

Source: EVAN GRAHAM North County Times

The Four-Generation Families

More than 2,000 individuals from over 300 families responded to the original 1971 questionnaire mailed from the University of Southern California. These families were recruited by enlisting a grandfather over the age of 60 who was part of a three-generation family willing to participate. Grandchildren were age 16 to 26. Families were drawn randomly from a subscriber list of 840,000 members of a California Health Maintenance Organization in Los Angeles.

Now, 25 years later, one-half of the families still remain in California. The rest are scattered across the country and two percent live abroad. Most geographic mobility has taken place in the third and fourth generation. At the most recent data collection, 1,678 members participated in the study, some spouses and great-grandchildren of the original members.
For more related reseach materials and topics please go to USC Reseach web site:

§§ $580 COULD BE YOURS!:

You can win $500 Canadian dollars 
(about $580 Australian dollars) 
by being in a survey. Are you and 
your spouse over 49 years of age and 
have you been married at least 20 years? 
If so, you can be in a university-based
research study and go in the draw for a 
cash prize.

This is the second survey from the 
The odds of winning are about 1/100 
to 1/200, so try it!


The Rolling Stones are giving a free concert in Los Angeles this February. The concert on February 6th will be a benefit to make people more aware of global warming. You can win two tickets to the show at the Staples Center by filling out an application on the Internet or mailing your information on an index card.

Contest applications can be found at

Or write your name, address, phone number and birth date
on an index card and send it to NRDC Stones Concert, P.O. Box 15099, North Hollywood, California, 91615.

SECTION FOUR - Boomers High Lights
 §§ We have created a member's photo album at our 

If you are a member and you have
uploaded your photo for your profile,
your picture will be posted on our
photo album.  If you do not wish
to have your picture posted please
write to us and inform us of your

By: Jeri Maier,

For Our Boomers Groups At Yahoo and MSN:

We would like to introduce you to Deryl, 
our newest Moderator at Boomers 
International Groups.  Deryl is retired 
from the US Air Force, and currently 
working as a Historian for US Government. 
We also want to introduce you to 
Richard(prs1737), our newest 
Moderator at Boomers Single Group.  
Richard is stirring up a 
storm at our Single Group.

We opened an Oldies Musics group
at MSN groups Laura is graciously  
accepting the responsibilities 
of becoming a Group Manager. 

Please give Laura, Deryl and Richard 
your support. 
Come and visit our groups, and drop 
a note of encouragement
or just say 'HELLO' to us. 

Peace, Love and Light, 
Boomers International Institute™

ARP Study to Reveal the Psychology 
of Midlife 

Large-scale Research Survey Opens Annual Dialogue Between the Association and the Baby Boomer Generation Contrary to conventional wisdom about their denial of aging, baby boomers really do have their eyes on the future, according to a new report by AARP. Asked about how much they think about their futures, nearly two in three boomers say ‘often.’ The report also suggests that their greatest hopes are focused on their toughest problems, that they are generally optimistic about what lies ahead and that they expect many things to improve in their lives. ‘Boomers at Midlife: The AARP Life Stage Study’ is a national survey unprecedented in its scope that will make breakthrough contributions to the relatively unexplored field of midlife psychological development and reinforce AARP's already broad and deep understanding of the 76 million-strong population of baby boomers. The study is the first installment in what will be an annual series of AARP boomer studies, which will closely examine how this demographic group will change the definitions of aging and how aging will in turn change boomers. The study is based on 3,666 telephone interviews of adults ages 18 and older conducted for AARP by Princeton Survey Research Associates (PSRA) between April 11 to June 15, 2002. PSRA interviewed 2,127 boomers ages 38 to 56, 781 younger adults ages 18-37, and 758 adults ages 57 and older. In addition to over-sampling boomers, PSRA interviewed 1,185 African Americans and 1,161 Hispanics. publication date: August 2002 Sources:

SECTION SIX - Tidbits & News.

Did you know:

Every 7 Seconds someone in America
turns 50.

50+ age group:

* Is the fastest growing population 

* Is the most affluent consumer 
group that exists.

* Account for over 40% of total 
consumer demand.

* Average $24,000 in annual disposable 

* Control over 48% of all discretionary 
purchases that occur.

* Own over 80% of all money in 
savings accounts.

* Own 79% of America's financial 

* Spend almost $2 Trillion on goods 
& services each year.

* Own 62% of all large Wall Street 
investment accounts.

* Visit malls more often than 
any other age group.

* Dine out 4-5 times per week.

* 74% use the Internet to find 
health information.

* 78% make online purchases.

* Over 70% are willing to try new 

* Spend over $29 Billion yearly on 
grandchildren's gifts.

* Women over 50 spend $21 Billion
on clothes annually.

Source: Gary Onks 
- SoldOnSeniors, Inc. 
Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

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