"Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak." -- William Congreve, 1670-1729

Music represents the movement, development and transformation of motifs of the collective unconscious." -- C. G. Jung


What people say about music:

I love all kind of music, ever since I was young. My taste changed over time but music always remain a truly effective mood altering system. When I was alone, a lonely little scrawny and skinny kid in London, I used to listen to the Brit's classical music (London Phiharmonica ) on my record player late at night. Sometimes, I would run out of electricity and I had to put more coins (10p) in the meter. Can you imagine finding coins and meter in the dark! I have learned to appreciate and enjoy more romantic, upbeat music in the last few years. BUT when I feel the BLUES, I would delve and dig deep into my feeling .. and my sadness, that is when "Whiter Shade of Pale" and "Diamonds and Rust" or the Moody Blues get to dance with my inner soul. Although I like oldies but I also like contemporary music. I never get tired of listening to Kenny G.'s "The Joy Of Life" and "Forever In Love". I would prefer that they are the themes for my comtemporary life. by Jeri

I am in my late 40's and I loved Motown as well as the harmony of the groups back in the 50's. You could understand the words and dance close to the person that you liked - or keep your distance from one that you did not. The music made me feel young, and still does, whenever I hear it. It was a great time because things were simpler. There were drugs, but not as prevalent as it is today. You could go to bars at 18, and drink legally. The music made me feel happy, and reflected my sadness as well. If I was in a relationship and was having problems, the music would sometimes cheer me up because it would tell me that my problems were universal. If the relationship was going well, the music would make me feel that I was lucky - and some of the music would make me feel happy. All in all, the music was simpler than it is today, but then, so was life.
as a young man just back from vietnam i purchased an album " THE TEMPTATIONS IN A MELLOW MOOD'" this had to be one of their best. among the many great songs was " to dream the impossible dream". they sang it with so much soul, and helped me through many sleepless nights. i will always hold the TEMPTATIONS near to my heart.................