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ICRA Labelled

Web Site Story
Pick of the Week! 3/16/98

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    Dear all of our friends:
    It's been a very busy and fun first half of the year for us. I have been busy starting in my new MIDLIFE second (or third) career in Real Estate. So far it is fun and exciting since I always love real estate, home, garden and architects. Real Estate have seen it boom time and the investment in real estate is considered safe and sound. Now though the market is turned around and from the boom time to a slow down and it is a buyer's market. It's making it very challenging for all of us in the profession but now is the time for me to start and I can learn and hope to be much more proficient when the market recover hopefully in 2008.

    I hope this newsletter finds you all well.
    What a year it is so far. Have you had enough of the inundatd by the Election News and the campaigning that is going on?

    We also have had our fair share of the Hollywood rundown this year as well as the scandle in the sport world..
    What a divert from our daily grins!

    Finally a wonderful summer wealther is here in Southern Cal.
    Earlier this year we had a very unusually cold and freezing weather. California and Florida farmers sustained severe damages to their farms and ranches.

    How is the weather where you are? I hope this newsletter finds you warm and well.

    During the height of the Summer, many of us are enjoying the vacations, some are recuperating from vacation and resting. As the summer time is winding down, many of the grandma and grandpa are probably busy helping the grandchildren with preparationg to get ready to head back to school in a few weeks.

    We hope that your summer is great and that we are looking forward to hear from you if you would like to share anything with us.

    TV company seeks adventurous baby-boomer. Are you a 45-55 year old couple looking for a change? Had enough of the 9 to 5 daily grind? Kids grown up leaving you with a newfound sense of freedom? Your time is now. We‘re looking for couples in the tristate area who are thinking of relocating…downsizing…starting that business…following their dreams. If you’re interested or just curious Contact: Michael Raptis/ Casting Director Phone: 646-747-7954 Email: beginnings(@)

    Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself

    By Alan Alda

    Random House (September 4, 2007); ISBN-13: 978-1400066179

    From Publishers Weekly

    After actor Alda (Never Have Your Dog Stuffed) recovered from a nearly fatal intestinal obstruction, he decided to live as if he'd been given a second life. To make his new life as meaningful as possible, he wanted to remember those rare moments when a special stillness had come over him, the kind that hits you when you hear something that goes to the core of who you think you are. These were moments when he'd had some understanding about the meaning of his life, his reason for living—the central questions that Alda grapples with, as he looks back over his life.

    While poking good-natured fun at some of his earlier rhetoric (the ravings of a naďve Hollywood liberal) he shares highlights of the various commencement speeches and keynote addresses he's given to future doctors and physicists, or even to the odd group of Jefferson scholars. He phrases it differently for each audience, but the message is consistent: It's not what you do in life, but how you do it.

    Notice everything. Always be open to new ideas, new experiences. Alda is chatty, easygoing and humble, rather like a Mr. Rogers for grownups. His words of inspiration would be a perfect gift for a college grad or for anyone facing major life changes. (Sept.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

    Alan Alda played Hawkeye Pierce for eleven years in the television series M*A*S*H and has acted in, written, and directed many feature films. He has starred often on Broadway, and his avid interest in science has led to his hosting PBS's Scientific American Frontiers for eleven years. He was nominated for an Academy Award in 2005 and has been nominated for thirty-one (and has won five) Emmy Awards. He is married to the children's book author and photographer Arlene Alda. They have three grown children and seven grandchildren. For more information, visit

    As we are enjoying the summer, this summer it is very special. It was back in the Summer of 1967 at the height of Psychedelic Music, Hippies Love, Flower childs, Peace Pipes. The Monterey International Pop Festival was the showcase of what was to be then and now the most memorable SUMMER OF LOVE 1967.
    Today we are celebrating 40 years of SUMMER OF LOVE 1967, it brings back memories.

    Roof Rider: D.A. Pennebaker and his film crew shoot scenes for Monterey Pop from above the Fairgrounds’ Main Arena. —Elaine Mayes
    Official Monterey International Pop Festival

    Summer Of Love Site
    1967 Art Exhibit

    To celebrating the forty year anniversary of that wonderful time, this site showcase the visual artwork of Grace Slick, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Ronnie Wood to and other influential people of the time.

    Check out this site, incredible visual concert by the most beloved musicians of the day.

    Summer Of Love 1967 Art Exhibits

    Elvis's Straight Up

    Elvis-Straight Up Book Overview

    ELVIS-STRAIGHT UP, volume one in a series, dares to explore and explain in frank, "straight up" terms, many of the unanswered questions and half-truths that have dogged the legend of the most well-known and influential entertainer of all time.
    In ELVIS-STRAIGHT UP, Joe Esposito unveils the backstage truth on such topics as:
    The "bodyguard book",
    Elvis's marriage and divorce with Priscilla
    Elvis's ill-fated franchise venture, "Presley Center Courts"
    The reason why Elvis never toured overseas
    His enigmatic manager, Colonel Tom Parker
    Elvis's last night alive...and the following day
    What made Elvis tick in the recording studio and on stage
    The controversial relationship between Elvis and his physician "Dr. Nick"
    Esposito's retrospective "open letter" statement to the "Memphis Mafia" and much more

    Joe Esposito has finally come to terms with the past and has assembled it in volume one of the amazing new series every Elvis fan will need to experience; ELVIS-STRAIGHT UP
    WHY ME?
    I first met Elvis Presley in the Army in 1958 and began working for him soon after we were both released from the service in 1960. Literally, until the day he died seventeen years later, my life circled around his, and the incredibly bizarre and exciting world he lived within became my existence as well. It was a wild, crazy ride. And despite some very tense periods, I loved every minute of it!

    For over thirty years, I have been asked by people of all ages from all over the world countless questions about him. There doesn't seem to be one detail about the man that people arent interested in. Over the years, I have always tried to be as forthright with my answers as I can. There's no question Elvis was a highly unique and gifted individual. But he was a person too. During the years immediately after his death, I grappled over how to answer some of the more difficult questions being asked about Elvis's life, and I came to the decision that telling the truth in as thoughtful a way as I can works best.

    You have to realize, I was with Elvis for seventeen years. That's a long time. And being with Elvis was no nine- to- five job, believe me. Elvis's demanding lifestyle meant you had to be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. He was a handful, and you never knew from one day to the next what adventure he would call upon us to explore with him, or what insane lengths we might have to go to fulfill one of his outlandish desires or elaborate requests.

    So much was happening so fast during those years. Elvis was always so on the go that it's sometimes hard to pair events with the eras in which they took place. I have tried in the past to assemble my memories into a book, but it really is an unrealistic expectation. How could I possibly squeeze seventeen years of experiences with Elvis Presley into two or three hundred pages? Well, I'll tell can't. It would take a hundred books to even come close. It may sound crazy, but that's the dilemma that inspired this "Elvis-Straight Up" series. Now, I'm not promising we're going to literally do a hundred books, but a series affords a lot more freedom to elaborate on a wider variety of stories, and in far greater detail than ever before.

    Read the excerpt of the book

    Buy the book here


    Need a place to stay? Check out our Vacation Rentals along the Northern California shore.

    Over 40? How to build the support network you’ll need now for the rest of your life and work!

    By Craig Nathanson-The Vocational Coach™

    OK, these may not be secrets anymore, but they will be hard work and they will be worth the trouble. Follow the steps in order and spend quality, quiet thinking time with each one. Take as much time as you need with each step. A life's work that is meaningful and fulfilling can be yours.

    Do you have the just the right support network in place for you?

    Why is this critical?

    With the right support network at this point in your life, new ideas can flourish, new dreams can become real, and new energy for life becomes available.

    What happens without the right support network?

    Do you fire those around you?

    Take the first steps now to build the right network for you.

    What about those you fired?

    What’s at stake?

    If you don’t take action after 40 to discover and do the work you love, your life will become routine, dull and lacking in passion. This is the sure path to retirement, followed by a quick death.

    If you do take action, suddenly you will have new passion and new purpose for your life, and those in it. You will cherish each day and totally use each one.

    The best way to get started and to build momentum is with the efforts of a new team, a new support network.

    Examine your team now. Read The Whole Column

    Fire those members who will not be useful for the next stage of your journey, and build a new team that will be just perfect for you - right now. Would you like to Discover and Live YOUR Passion 365 Days a Year?
    Read About It In Craig's New Book!

    Many other articles by Boomer Men:

    Our Sponsor:

    If you are planning on taking a vacation to sothern california and need to find the perfect california vacation rentals, consider our travel site. We have the finest selection of southern california vacation rentals around.

    Both of our groups at Yahoo have also seen many NEW chatters in the last few months. Please join them if you would like to converse with other baby boomers.

    General Boomers group:

    Single Boomers Group:

    Vinyl Highway Book Review

    Official Vinyl Highway Web Site
    Thanks to our sponsors and advertisers, they help us tremendously so that we can reduce the out of pocket cost of operating our site. Please visit their sites and buy their services and products. If you want to sponsor us, we are always happy to accept advertising from you.

    Advertising Rates

    Recent Articles:

    Like it or not many of us are now crossing the treshold of youth to the other side of life, The GOLDEN YEARS, THE SENIOR MOMENTS ... etc.

    Tax-Free in the Rust Belt
    by Ashlea Ebeling
    Wednesday, August 1, 2007
    provided by
    Looking for a retirement tax haven? You might find it close to home.
    When John Jazdcyk retired in 2004 from his management job at a Green Bay, Wis. Procter & Gamble plant, he and his wife, Susan, debated whether to move full-time to their vacation home on Lake Mullet in Cheboygan, Mich. Then they learned that Michigan exempts $81,840 a year in private retirement income per couple, in addition to Social Security, from its 3.9% state income tax. Wisconsin, by contrast, taxes private retirement payments, as it does salary and other income, at 5.6%. "Whenever taxes can be avoided, I feel better," says new Michigan resident Jazdcyk, 59.

    Accepted wisdom: Tax-averse retirees should move to Florida or Nevada, which have no state income or estate taxes. But what if you don't worship the sun or relish a long-distance move? In recent years other states, too, have been lavishing tax goodies on retirees, including affluent ones. With a little research you might discover your own retirement tax haven is close to home.

    Most states don't tax Social Security benefits. Three states with broad income taxes (Illinois, Mississippi and Pennsylvania) exempt all private and public pension payouts, including withdrawals from individual retirement accounts, from their taxes. More than a dozen other states exempt some annual dollar amount of seniors' income--from private pensions, IRAs and sometimes other nonwage sources (see table).

    With all these special breaks the best tax locale for a retiree isn't necessarily the same as for a working stiff, particularly when high real estate levies in some income-tax-free states are considered, says Thomas Wetzel, president of, which tracks taxes by state. In addition to Florida and Nevada, seven states--Alaska, New Hampshire, Sout

    I grew up in Brooklyn but every summer we would visit my grandparents in Pennyslvania. My grandfather on my mother's side was a coal miner and we would spend time in the summer in Iselin, Pa. Iselin is about halfway between Greensburg to the south and Indiana, Pa to the north.

    Iselin was a town of about 300-400 people. Brooklyn had about 3 million people so it was a big switch for me.

    My vocabulary changed immediately when I arrived, no more sodas, ask for pop. The kids would go down to a country store about a mile down the road and buy Brown Cows. A big brown lolipop that tasted great. The area was called the Y. Don't ask me why?? They didn't sell Brown Cows in Brooklyn.

    I was the only kid with shoes on in the summer. All the other kids were barefoot. I thought it was great walking around barefoot but my mom wouln't allow it saying I could hurt my feet.

    When I arrived there the kids would treat my like royalty arriving from New York. Imagine, a kid who whore shoes in the summer. LOL

    My dad would go down to the company store and pick up a newspaper. If it was less than a week old it was considered current. :-) My dad hated the place but I loved it.

    The worse part for my dad was the outhouse in the backyard. It smelled awful in the summer. During the night we used the big pots my grandmother had and we would empty them in the morning.

    All cooking was done on the coal stove in the kitchen. When you cooked it was over a 100 degrees in the kitchen. Baths were taken by heating hot water on the coal stove and mixing the hot water with cold water in the big metal bath tub. There was only one cold water faucet in the whole house.

    The best part of the visit for me was Eileen, she was the granddaugter of the coal miner next door. To me she was a Goddess. I would follow her everywhere and she liked me too. I could tolerate anything as long as Eileen was around. Eileen had two older sisters and a brother and I loved hanging out with all of them but I waited for those special moments when I could walk down the road with Eileen alone.

    Mom would make sandwiches and I would eat them with Eileen on a blanket spread out on the lawn. This little Italian kid just died and went to heaven. LOL Eating sandwiches with Eileen was the ultimate. This Polish girl topped any girl in Brooklyn. :-)

    My grandfather would take me to Indiana Pa to do some shopping and visit the Stewart Hardware store, the famous Jimmy Stewart Hardware Store.

    Each year I could hardly wait until it was time to go to Iselin, Pa. My goddess was there waiting for me. LOL


    Peace, Love and Light,
    Jeri Maier & Boomers Int Team.

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