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Pick of the Week! 3/16/98

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1995 - 2006

    Finally we have time to put together our latest and greatest news for you. We experience so many different things in a year's time and we will try to reflect on what has happened... We at Boomers International have been very busy. We have many really great new articles to share with members and visitors on our site. Our FREE membership at our main web site continue to grow with many new members continue to sign up and joined our roster of singles as well as friendship and business networking circles.

    Thanks to our sponsors and advertisers, they help us tremendously so that we can reduce the out of pocket cost of operating our site. Please visit their sites and buy their services and products. If you want to sponsor us, we are always happy to accept advertising from you.

    Both of our groups at Yahoo have also seen many NEW chatters in the last few months. Please join them if you would like to converse with other baby boomers.

    General Boomers group:

    Single Boomers Group:

    The holiday season is around the corner here. With Thanksgiving this week then Hanukkha and Christmas will also be here soon. I do hope that all of you have special holidays with your loved ones and friends.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

    Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and spreading happiness... it is a season to be spent with all those we love... family/ friends/ beloved! Wish all of you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving.
    Boomers International Team

    Our news update below:
    s we celebrate our 11th anniversary,
    We want thank you for your support and for helping to make Boomers International what it is today--nearly a million hits per month with over 6000+ members worldwide, and growing daily. We hope that the next 10 years will be good for all as the last 10 years had been for us.

    We are grateful for those who have supported us and helped us through this journey that we have taken together since 1996. So if you have been away for awhile, come back and visit us again. You will be amazed at some of the new writers, new articles and new and exciting features that have joined our website. So give us a new look. We'd love to see you again.

    We have not been writing the newsletter as often as we should but in this issue, we are glad to present you with many new articles and features

    Seventy six million baby boomers stuck between grumpy old codgers and pathetic grown progeny—Boomer Goo—that’s what we are; the ooey, gooey, gluey stuff that binds decrepit old parents to obnoxious grown kids in a most unsavory sandwich. Surviving World War II and the Great Depression, our elderly folks have one foot in the grave and a stranglehold on us, making outrageous demands to drain us of all our energy and leave us obsessing with escape.

    And at the same age that we may already have been married, our grown Generation Xers are still stuck at the opposite hip, making an audacious commotion of our lives that can often render us speechless.

    How does the Boomer Goo survive life at “ground zero,” in the hot-seat center of the sandwich? To endure the uncomfortable pressure cooker, our “flubbery,” spineless nature may bend to the whims of the bread that is squeezing us. Boomer Goo—How to Survive the Sandwich Generation is a tongue-in-cheek case study of the Upper Crust—tough elderly parents who have survived all of life’s worst punches—and the Bottom Slice—Generation Xers, who have had much easier lives, being spawned by baby boomers spoiled in a post-World War II world of jubilance.

    Linda is an Editor at Boomers International web site.

    She writes articles about baby boomers:
    Linda has taken some time away this summer since both of her two daughters were getting married.
    Congratulations to Linda & her husband and new families.

    Need a place to stay? Check out our Vacation Rentals along the Northern California shore.

    Twenty Secrets to finally find the work that's just perfect for you! By Craig Nathanson-The Vocational Coach™

    OK, these may not be secrets anymore, but they will be hard work and they will be worth the trouble. Follow the steps in order and spend quality, quiet thinking time with each one. Take as much time as you need with each step. A life's work that is meaningful and fulfilling can be yours.

    Take a deep breath and get started. I'll be cheering you on each step of the way!

    Step 1: Find a purpose for your life. (Otherwise you will end up with someone else's dream life.)

    Step 2: Figure out what bothers you most about the world and do something about it. (This is the best path towards authentic work and it can start in your own neighborhood.)

    Step 3: Determine what is most important to you. (Most of us live our lives around what others tell us is most important.)

    Read the rest of the article:

    Would you like to Discover and Live YOUR Passion 365 Days a Year?
    Read About It In Craig's New Book!

    Many other articles by Boomer Men:

    Our Sponsor:

    If you are planning on taking a vacation to sothern california and need to find the perfect california vacation rentals, consider our travel site. We have the finest selection of southern california vacation rentals around.
    Dee Dee Phelps announced the arrival of her new book "Vinyl Highway".
    Dee Dee Phelps

    Dee Dee was singing with Dick, as Dick and Dee Dee in the Sixties.

    Vinyl Highway Book Review

    Official Vinyl Highway Web Site
    The Giving Gift!
    A Holiday Short Story, by Brian Joseph

    After he had unwrapped his gifts on Christmas morning the the 5 year old boy’s mother asked him which one of his presents he wanted to donate to a poor child who had less than him. “None”, the boy replied. His mom sat him on her lap and explained to him thatsharing with those who were less forunate was part of the holiday spirit and how a child who had less would probably be very happy to receive a gift. This took some convincing from mom but the boy eventually agreed to part with one of his gifts. Mom told him that he could have until the following morning to decide.>
    Brian Joseph is the author of the mystical, musical, inspirational novel, The Gift of Gabe™ .

    The Healing Powers of Vinegar May Reduce the Risks of Metabolic Syndrome in Baby Boomers
    By Cal Orey.

    A recent article published on the Wall Street Journal Online found that one in three baby boomers had metabolic syndrome. Cal Orey’s “The Healing Powers of Vinegar: A Complete Guide to Nature’s Most Remarkable Remedy” helps boomers fight the metabolic syndrome.

    Lake Tahoe, CA (PRWEB) October 17, 2006 -- According to a recent report published on the Wall Street Journal Online, nearly one in three baby boomers has metabolic syndrome, a cluster of conditions, which increase the risks of stroke, diabetes and heart attack.

    The Healing Powers of Vinegar: A Complete Guide to Nature’s Most Remarkable Remedy Vinegar may be the perfect and practical modern miracle for baby boomers. Cal Orey’s revised and updated book, "The Healing Powers of Vinegar: A Complete Guide to Nature’s Most Remarkable Remedy," shows that the metabolic syndrome can be hindered with simple apple cider vinegar found in kitchen cupboards.

    Cal Orey’s has written several books and hundreds of articles for national and international magazines and websites, specializing in topics as diverse as health, relationships, sex, and pets. She has a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in English (Creative Writing) from San Francisco State University.

    What you've been waiting for, classic & timeless AmericanLife TV NetworkSM , your Baby Boomer TVSM choice, speaks to the interests and values of the unstoppable Baby Boomer generation; delivering entertaining classic programs and award-winning originals.

    Our programming initiative:

    Reflects the attitudes and shared values of "Baby Boomers" Ideal for family viewing

    Delivers - Classic TV, Lifestyle and Original programming.

    One of the few remaining independently owned and operated cable networks in the U.S. The ever-expanding line up of exclusive and original programming comprises of 66% of the daytime schedule Classic TV programs make up 100% of the prime time schedule and include hit series such as: The Color Honeymooners, Chico and the Man, China Beach, Combat!, The Courtship of Eddie's Father, Kung Fu, I'll Fly Away, I Spy and Welcome Back, Kotter. Original TV programs include: Embassy ChefsSM, Flea Market ManiaSM, and Fixing Dinner


    24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    SATELLITE: G-15, Transponder 22

    G-4R, HITS 6

    G-15, HITS 14
    650 Massachusetts Ave., NW
    Washington, D.C. 20001
    Phone: (202) 289-6633
    Fax: (202) 289-6632

    Healthy Travelling

    Health & the Modern Traveler: How to Travel with Body and Sanity Intact
    Keep in mind these tips to stay in top shape no matter where your travels take you: By Deidra Garcia,

    A Critical Look at Anti-Aging Skincare Products

    Most people think they can recognize the song and dance of the swindler: someone who promises the goods and never delivers. But in today’s world, it’s harder to spot this purveyor of snake oil.

    Nowadays, the fabled “time-honored remedy to aging” is promised to the public through a sea of cosmetic products.

    And unfortunately, the majority of these treatments classified as “anti-aging” have a minimal concentration of beneficial, active substances, and have not been successfully tested or shown clear results.

    By Deidra Garcia,
    MenScience Androceuticals LLC
    Tel. 305.361.0994 ext. 8003
    Fax 305.832.7707
    3900 NW 2nd Avenue, Ste. B
    Miami, FL 33127 ___________________________________________
    Recent Articles:

    The Hidden Effects Of Childhood Maltreatment And How Life Coaching Can Help by: Debra Tullis, MSW, LSCW, BCD, Life Coach

    What You Need To Know About Depression by Debra Tullis, MSW, LCSW, BCD, Life Coach

    Spiritual Philosophy By Kathy Oddenino

    How to Avoid the New Retiree Blues by John P. Strelecky International Best-selling Author of The Why Café

    Peace, Love and Light,
    Jeri Maier & Boomers Int Team.

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