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    *Real* musicians forming a rock band solely because they're ... well
    ... real musicians? Unheard of until Cream, the late-sixties trio of legendary
    virtuosos. Derek Araujo, a Physics Major at Harvard whose two heroes appear
    to be Jack Bruce and Bertrand Russell (not necessarily in that order --
    or maybe so!) has put together the ultimate Cream Web Site. Click it on
    and be prepared for the assault:
    James Bond movies through the years have gone through various transformations,
    most notably James Bond himself. But we Boomers know who the *best* Bond
    was. Read about it here:
    Trivia Quiz: What do The Early Eyeball Fraternal And Marching Society,
    Percy Dovetonsils, and The Nairobi Trio all have in common? Check here
    for the answer:
    A colleague of mine at Suite 101, Music Education Editor Deborah Jeter,
    has put together an amazing 'Blues Ring' with dozens of links to great
    Blues Sites. She also handles the 'Blues Loop' -- and if you ask me what
    the difference is between a ring and a loop I'd tell you to ask a geometry
    teacher (it probably has something to do with 'parabolas' ...). Go there
    if you love the Blues:
    By: Chuck Nyren, Suite
    101 -- Winner of 7 Canadian Internet Awards
    Fiction in: Pogonip:
    GTO WorldWide:

    Looking for long lost friends?  Adoption Search?  
    Newest Search Web site, search for people with only first name 
    and Birthdate:
    for looking up old albums and getting bio info on artists. GREAT
    for looking up Movies and getting bio info on actors.


    1949 by Ken Siegelman

    It was the year of jackals
    For our veterans
    Whose memories of World War II
    Were as crisply tailored
    As the uniforms they still fit into
    In the privacy of attics
    All across America.
    They recollected army cinemas
    Watching movies of her
    With the fantasy of coming home
    To Rita Hayworth,
    To make their lives complete
    When all the fighting stopped. . .
    Many seemed to even kill
    For her,
    In the way that weary battles
    Conjure secret loyalties
    Just to get one through alive. . .
    Now she’s swept away
    By a foreigner;
    Out of sight and touch
    With feelings of a loss of trust
    Few men at that time
    Could neatly put to words.
    In that year
    The dreaded news
    That the Russians also had
    The Bomb
    Seemed certain proof
    That somehow we had
    Been betrayed. . .
    Many men cast aside
    Her photos
    With an overriding sense
    That the honeymoon was over
    Years before they ever noticed
    Anything was wrong.
    Excerpted from For Boomers Only book of original poetry by :

    Two books that should make us pause and think.
    By Julianna Joyce Perkins
    Inside the CIA's                   The Secret History
    Stargate Program                   of American's Psychic Spies
    By David Morehouse		   By Jim Schnabel
    	In our fascination of OBE's (out of body experiences) 
    and NDE's (near death experiences) we tend to embrace the 
    wonderful, spiritual experience, and forget that there could be 
    a more worldly aspect to this type of phenomena. Like most 
    people, I've enjoyed learning about psychic occurrences and 
    having these experiences.  But I've discovered there are
    other things out there that can get pretty involved.
    	For those of you who haven't seen the media blitz of the 
    last few years, there is a technique called Remote Viewing.  
    This ability has caught the attention of more than just spiritual 
    seekers.  In fact, some of the people involved do not necessarily 
    believe it is spiritual. I'm referring to the CIA's use of remote 
    viewers for the purpose of espionage and covert operations.  
    The program was called Stargate. 
    	My first impulse, being the emotional trampolinist that 
    I am, was to be upset.  When I calmed down I started to research 
    this for myself.  I found that this technique is a process 
    developed at the SRI in Palo Alto, California by Ingo Swann.  
    His abilities were so accurate that he caught the attention of 
    the government and was given a grant to develop it further.  
    The trainees went through months and sometimes years of perfecting 
    their abilities.  The experiments resulted in some very impressive 
    accuracy rates.  The viewers would be given co-ordinates, go 
    through their method of "leaving their bodies" and be able to
    accurately describe what they were seeing, feeling, smelling, etc.  
    The development continued along the road of exploration and the 
    viewers were sent into the past, into the future, and even 
    attempted visits to other parts of the Universe.
    	Well, of course, my outrage turned to excitement.  
    Think of all the ways this technique could benefit mankind.  
    We could find missing children.  We could solve crimes.  We 
    could even locate disease within a body.  As I pondered, I 
    suddenly realized the impact it would have on me to actually
    experience watching someone be brutally harmed and murdered.  
    What would it do to a person to constantly be placed in that 
    position?  What damage would  result on a person's physical
    and emotional being?  I knew I needed to talk with someone 
    experienced, and who still remained intact.  Someone I 
    could trust.
    	My quest led me first to the book PSYCHIC WARRIOR 
    by David Morehouse.  I found it at Barnes & Noble 
    (my home away from home).  It was located in the science 
    fiction aisle, which surprised me since it's promoted as 
    a true story.  It is written by one of the participants in 
    the Stargate Program.  The cover jacket confirmed that this 
    was a true story.  David Morehouse is a third generation army 
    officer with a long list of military commendations.
    	I read the book with interest and expectation.  I found 
    the story to be a wonderfully fictionalized account of a true
    experience, the 'non-fiction' novel as some publishers call it.  
    Captain Morehouse did indeed participate in something extremely
    intense.  However the effects of being a "viewer" almost cost 
    him all that was precious to him. I understand that PSYCHIC
    WARRIOR is being made into a movie.  It will make a great action 
    film (although I'm not sure I agree with the 'rumored' actor 
    who will play Capt. Morehouse). 
    	But I wanted something a little closer to the facts.
    I turned to the Internet.  My perseverance paid off.  I found 
    another member of the program who agreed to correspond with me. 
    He is Ret. Captain Paul Smith.  Paul requested I read another 
    book, REMOTE VIEWERS, by the journalist Jim Schnable.  Jim is
    a science writer and has published in THE WASHINGTON POST, 
    DISCOVER, NEW SCIENTIST, and other publications of note.  The 
    book is told in true journalist style, and I believe the author
    kept his objectivity.  If you want to know the nitty-gritty of
    Stargate, I believe you'll not be disappointed with this account.
    What of the other 'viewers'?  What happened to them, their 
    families, and their lives?  Well, unfortunately some of them 
    died before their time. 
    	Some, like David Morehouse, broke under the strain.  
    A few have set up businesses to utilize their abilities for 
    the general public.  Some teach the technique, which costs 
    about $3,000.00 for a week's training session.  Fortunately 
    there are those like Paul Smith.  He and the others managed 
    to keep their prospective on life through their stint with 
    the bomb searches, time warps, burning soldiers, and other 
    atrocities.  Paul is mentioned in both books.  Both authors 
    write of him with respect.  Paul is in the process of setting 
    up his own corporation.  The information he has shared with 
    me is reflective of the person I read about in the two books. 
    He is honest and open in his representation of what a person 
    can gain and expect from his training.
    	I have many questions regarding ethics and dangers. 
    Paul is still in the process of sending me information.  Since
    I work in the mental health field, my mind has concocted many 
    ways I hope the technique will work for our clients.  But we are
    proceeding cautiously.  Both books leave a sobering effect when 
    you realize that privacy may soon be lost.  In the wrong hands,
    diabolic deeds can result.  And according to both books, a viewer 
    can actually communicate with someone he is viewing on a level 
    that is beyond the physical.  Information can be obtained and 
    the individual isn't even aware he is giving it.  Even more 
    sobering is the possibility that the viewer can impart illness 
    and death.
    This has been an awakening for me.  It has a 'beyond big brother' 
    feel.  However, I also recognize the positive side and can't 
    deny its lure.  In the hands of responsible people Remote 
    Viewing can play a productive role in our future.  Read the 
    books for yourself - PSYCHIC WARRIOR for entertainment and 
    REMOTE VIEWERS for awareness.
    By: Julianna Joyce Perkins Email:


    Identifying Your Midlife Passion

    What is it that keeps midlifers from premature aging and unnecessary illnesses? What keeps us from becoming sour, dependent, fearful, resentful, disparaging, sarcastic, and isolated? "A midlife passion," says author Mildred Witkin. Do you have a life passion? How can you identify this all-consuming desire that midlife authority Gail Sheehy says is the source for continuing aliveness in one's second adulthood? Following are some tests that will help. The Pleasure Test Sheehy calls it the "Time Flies Test." "What activity do you do where time goes by without your even knowing it?" she asks. Sheehy quotes a 50-year-old grandmother who adds, "Passion is allowing yourself to get lost in something." What is it that gives you so much pleasure that you are oblivious to everything else? Some people will not find the question easy to answer. Having spent the first half of life trying only to live up to the expectations of others--a parent, spouse, children, or boss--they have no idea what really gives them pleasure. So reflect and experiment. What were the day-dreams of your youth? What have you always wanted to do but were afraid to try? So what's stopping you? The Transcendence Test Some authors see a midlife passion as a physical activity like bicycling, playing music, or mountain climbing. But a true passion is more than that; it transcends our activities. The question is "why do we create music or climb mountains?" Herein lies our true passion. If you learn the answer to this question, you can pursue your passion even if you temporarily lose the ability or opportunity for your activity. A life passion should also transcend mere personal pleasure. It should do something for others too. It should make the world a better place. I love communication. Both writing and speaking are activities I can get lost in. But I don't write just for me. Probably it's because I have always struggled with disappointment myself, but my passion in life is to bring hope to people, especially those who feel most discouraged. Similarly, a musician might have the passion to inspire others by bringing beauty and joy into the world; a mountain climber might desire to motivate others to reach for their dreams, and a cyclist might love the camaraderie of friends on the road. The Meaning Test Author Ross Goldstein says that our midlife passion will energize and motivate us and "serve as a guiding force around which to organize our lives." This is probably the most practically helpful aspect of our passion. Identifying our midlife passion will help us make the big decisions facing us. What career should you pursue in your second half of life? What will you do with your leisure time? Where will you live? All of these questions can be answered best in light of your passion. What career will best allow you to follow your heart's desire? What leisure will fuel this same fire? What location will best facilitate it? Do you have a passion in life? If you're not sure, take time today to begin identifying it. Then, pursue it with a whole heart and experience a midlife robustness unknown to your youth. Excerpted from Mike Bellah - Midlife's Moments Mike can be reached at: (Mike Bellah) For more information try: The Midlife Crisis Forum

    Do you own your own employability?

    Several years ago , if you had walked up to me and asked, what do you do and what would you like to do in few years, I would have had an easy set of answers. I would have said, well, I'm a manager of course. In a few years, I want to be a bigger manager!! Looking back, I was quite serious. My selfimage and entire world was rolled up into a title. After much internal work and self reflection, several years later, I have a much different answer. Well, I'm a dad, husband, coach, author, speaker, teacher, community volunteer, doctoral student, aspiring philanthropist, (My wife laughs at this), and the list goes on. You see, this list is one that can't be taken away, unlike a job title. You can take away the job title though. How empowering it was to in fact think about what I do in terms of skills or activities.Aligning these skills or activities under one's most important values is indeed the nesting effect. I won't cover this process in this article but it is one that is equally powerful. Employability in your future As companies grow bigger and sometimes more complex, I believe defining what one does in terms of their specific skill set will be of use both to the company as well as to the individual. This applies to those who work for themselves as well. Excerpted from Craig Nathanson's article - to see the full article, go to Weekly Article Craig Nathanson has many roles. He is a PH.D candidate at the Fielding Institute Researching how to develop places in cyberspace that give value, warmth and a sense of purpose. Craig is a husband, father of two, masters distance runner and the on line marketing manager for Intel Corporation. Craig’s writing can be found at his web site "MAKING A DIFFERENCE" at:

    Are there any lessons that to be learned from the 554 points 
    drop for DOW JONES (7%) and from other Stock Exchanges around 
    the world on Monday 27 October?  
    World stock markets got on a roller coaster, and the ride was 
    made even worse because they had the Hong Kong flu.
    The New York Stock Exchange had its biggest single loss in 
    history. The next day it had the biggest gain. The Hong Kong 
    market did the same, in reverse. 
    One of the lessons we can teach ourselves from this experience 
    is that WE have to become more aware of the whole World and 
    not just what happened here in the USA.  
    In Bangkok, where the Stock Exchange of Thailand was also 
    down, and the SET is at an eight-year low.  
    We have to learn to have a Global Prespective.  We should become 
    more aware of Systems Thinking and Systems Prespective. 
    In the new world "Everything connected to everything else".  
    Financial and political problems started earlier this year in 
    a small country in South East Asia (Thailand).  The problems
    exasperated and triggered the Heng Seng stock index to drop 
    in Hong Kong on Thursday, October 23rd.  That drop 
    also triggered down to Japan, Singapore and in Europe by
    Friday. In the US, American New York Stock Exchange and 
    NASDEQ had HUGH trading LOSSES on the following Monday. 
    Why do we have to be concerned?  Even if you do not own or 
    invest in stocks personally, you are investing in the Exchange
    if you have any 401K deducted from your weekly paychecks.
    Many of the IRA accounts and Money Market Funds are invested
    heavily in Stocks market. 
    Jieranai T. Maier is a Systems Analyst, currently 
    living in Silicon Valley, Ca.
    Jeri received her BS in Applied Economics from University 
    of San Francisco and MS in Systems Management from 
    College of Norte Dame in Belmont, Ca.  
    HELLO there ... Winter Season! Gardening chores for nature lovers: Herb harvesting, seed gathering, vegetable picking, bed mulching, birdbath cleaning .. The weather is chilly and the work exhausting, but we have to prepare our garden for the next glorious season.

    Congratulations to : Mike Bellah
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