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    SECTION ONE - Web Site of Interest
    SECTION TWO - Entertainment
    SECTION THREE - Annoucement
    SECTION FOUR - Technology
    SECTION FIVE - BOOMER Facts and Data
    SECTION SIX: - Boomer Of The Month
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    SECTION ONE - Web Site of Interest!
    We're an exhibition in a library.
    Meeska, Mooska, Mouseketeer ...
    Alzheimer's and the Baby Boomers
    Surprise Link of the Month!
    Chuck Nyren,
    Suite 101 -- Winner of 7 Canadian Internet Awards:
    Best Boomer Web Site for this month: PuzzleSpace, NeverWhere, London Anthony created his web site so he can learn HTML and learn how to create web pages.. He successfully provides visitors with great entertainment with pages of puzzles, maths trivia, astrology and facts that provoking thoughts.

    SECTION TWO - Media / Entertainment!
    Those Were The Days
    The Temptations mini-series was a big hit on NBC.   
    The Bee Gees concert and guest - Celine Dion, are on HBO 
    this month. They are still as good. Olivier Newton John 
    and her daughter were in the audiences and were shown
    on TV screen, when The Bee Gees sang "GREASE". 

    CNN Cold War The show that defines the time. This landmark TV documentary series air every Sunday and Friday night until early December. This documentary took 3 years to produce. November 15, 1998 8pm ET/5pm PT Episode 8: Sputnik: 1949-1961 October of 1957 Soviet launched the first Earth artificial sattelite. In 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first person to orbit the Earth. November 22, 1998 8pm ET/5pm PT Episode 9: The Wall; 1958-1963 Germany is divided between East and West. West Germany admitted to NATO. East Germans with Soviet backing, built the wall to keep their people from fleeing to the west. November 29, 1998 8pm ET/5pm PT Episode 10: Cuba; 1959-1962 Fidel Castro allowed Russian to place missles on their land. US discovered the sites... The CNN coldwar experience and culture web site.
    Great web sites for music and movie lovers:
  • WABC Top 100 Songs of the Year
    During its years as a Top 40 Music radio station, WABC compiled year end surveys of the ranking of the songs that were played during that year, usually referred to as "the top 100 of the year" from 1964 to 1982.
  • International Lyrics Search Search for lyrics by song name or titles
  • Norma Jean Do You know Her?

  • By Sarah - Sarah792@AOL.COM Del Shannon is going to the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame. He will be officially Inducted March 15, 1999.
    By Paul McCartney, The Boss Springsteen and Billy Joel Curtis Mayfield, Rhythm and blues singer Dusty Springfield - singer The Staple Singers - gospel singers Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys and Charles Brown George Martin - music producer with The Beatles. Will also be inducted March 15,1999 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York, The New York-based foundation announced.

    SECTION FIVE: BOOMER Facts and Data
    Q: What is Chubby Checker's real name? 
       Ernest Evans. 
                            US National          Population      Average Annual
         Date               Population              Change      Percent Change
     July 1, 1969          202,676,946           1,970,894                0.98
     July 1, 1968          200,706,052           1,993,996                1.00
     July 1, 1967          198,712,056           2,151,718                1.09
     July 1, 1966          196,560,338           2,257,375                1.16
     July 1, 1965          194,302,963           2,414,172                1.25
     July 1, 1964          191,888,791           2,646,993                1.39
     July 1, 1963          189,241,798           2,704,061                1.44
     July 1, 1962          186,537,737           2,846,256                1.54
     July 1, 1961          183,691,481           3,020,323                1.66
     July 1, 1960          180,671,158           2,841,530                1.59
     July 1, 1959          177,829,628           2,947,724                1.67
     July 1, 1958          174,881,904           2,897,774                1.67
     July 1, 1957          171,984,130           3,081,099                1.81
     July 1, 1956          168,903,031           2,971,829                1.78
     July 1, 1955          165,931,202           2,905,348                1.77
     July 1, 1954          163,025,854           2,841,662                1.76
     July 1, 1953          160,184,192           2,631,452                1.66
     July 1, 1952          157,552,740           2,674,851                1.71
     July 1, 1951          154,877,889           2,606,472                1.70
     July 1, 1950          152,271,417           3,083,287                2.05
     July 1, 1949          149,188,130           2,556,828                1.73
     July 1, 1948          146,631,302           2,505,231                1.72
     July 1, 1947          144,126,071           2,737,505                1.92
     July 1, 1946          141,388,566           1,460,401                1.04
     July 1, 1945          139,928,165           1,530,820                1.10
     July 1, 1944          138,397,345           1,657,992                1.21
     July 1, 1943          136,739,353           1,879,800                1.38
     July 1, 1942          134,859,553           1,457,082                1.09
     July 1, 1941          133,402,471           1,280,025                0.96     
    National population data for the years 1940 to 1979 cover the resident
            population plus Armed Forces overseas.  National population data for 
            all other years cover only the resident population.
    Current Population Reports, Series P-25, Nos. 311, 917, 1095, and
    Population Paper Listing PPL-91.

    SECTION FOUR BOOMERS FUN See our new feature: This Month in History STAMPVOTE FOR The 70's is completed and voting for the 80's stamps will be up for your vote in February at:

    SECTION SIX:Announcement

           *  It is that time of the year, to give Thanks and
           to remember the less-fortunate from recent hurricane
           "MITCH" and others man-made and natural catatrophies
           around the world.
           *  Congratulations to NASA and Discovery-7 Team for the 
           most wonderful and successful journey.
           John Glen's return to the space and 3.6 million miles 
           trip defines the new meaning of "AGING".  He is an 
           American hero that inspires all people across 
           generations around the world.  


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       NOVEMBER 1998
    Anthony Edey - London, England.

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