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    SECTION THREE - Boomer's Quotes
    -Barb Pfrommer
    -Ed Zeiser
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    Winter is a upon us in Northern Hemisphere.
    For our USA friends, this is a time when we 
    give thanks for all the blessing we have and 
    the abundance in our life. A time to share 
    and celebrate with families and friends. 
    Being that this is last Thanksgiving for this 
    millineum. Make it special.  Give thanks and 
    spread love and joy among one another.
    Remember those less fortunate this year and help 
    Have a great holiday and HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
    Jeri Maier And All of Us At 
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    SECTION THREE: C. G. Jung's Quotes.

    Wholly unprepared, we embark upon the second 
    half of life. Or are there perhaps colleges 
    for forty-year-olds which prepare them for 
    their coming life and its demands as the ordinary 
    colleges introduce our young people to a knowledge 
    of the world? No, thoroughly unprepared we take 
    the step into the afternoon of life; worse still, 
    we take this step with the false assumption that 
    our truths and ideals will serve us as hitherto. 
    But we cannot live the afternoon of life according 
    to the programme of life's morning; for what was 
    great in the morning will be little at evening, 
    and what in the morning was true will at evening 
    have become a lie. 
    "The Stages of Life" (1930). In CW 8: 
    The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche. P. 784
    Excerpted from : 
    The Essential Jung 
    By: Jonathan David Walz
    75% of the problems encountered in late life are the result of lifestyle, not the aging process. - David Demko, Ph.D. Age Ventures News


    BY: Jeri Maier
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    By: Jeri Maier  

    Lyric World - Main Index.... also Top 40's, #Songs, Artist Collection,
    and Top Singles from the past...  
    This site honors the teen idol magazines of the fifties  
    --with snapshots & articles from Carolyn's fifties and sixties 
    teen idols collection--
    Rock 'n' 
    Roll clothes ("gorgeous") 
    and Lindy Hop / Swing clothes - 
    Mary Busuttil & Ray Harris from Down Under (Australia)
    Levittown: The Way We Were 
    - Susan Kirsch Duncan's Book About growing 
    up in Levittown.... Plus documentaries etc.
    Legendary Rockers is a tribute to the superstars 
    of yesterday and to the living of today!
    Classic Rock webcast on 
    Internet Radio Free Kansas,
    Real Audio G2 stream) 

    Baby Boomer Webcast. 



    By Kevin Ross
    	"The Serious Side of Life." Certainly an intriguing 
    title to a column. I'm sure we all wonder at times if there 
    is anything except a serious side of life. I really don't 
    remember when life had a frivolous side. I guess it did when 
    I was a kid, a college student; a young man who had not yet
    tasted the bitterness that comes with the serious side of 
    I thought of this recently when I happened upon an old 
    interview on television. I believe it was filmed sometime 
    in the early 1990's. It had me riveted to the screen.
    	Mike Wallace, one of the most respected and watched 
    men in America, was being interviewed about a time in his 
    life when he was in a deep depression. He called it a 
    "clinical depression," but we all know the feeling -- 
    clinical or not. Now, here was the anchor of 60 Minutes: 
    The man we saw front and center on our evening news every 
    weekday night and the man who broadcast from the battlefields 
    of Vietnam, telling us -- and all the world -- that he was 
    so depressed that he couldn't eat, sleep and had hid under
    his covers for a portion of his adult years. 
    	Why would he do this? What was he so afraid of that 
    he couldn't face the world? It couldn't have been money. His 
    salary at CBS was somewhere in the seven-digit range for sure. 
    It couldn't have been a lack of respect. Millions of viewers 
    tuned into hear his words every single night. What could it 
    have been? More importantly, why do so many men in the middle 
    of their lives feel their hearts and their souls sink to the 
    point that life seems to have no meaning? The answers to this 
    are all over the map. 
    	Mike Wallace turned to pharmaceuticals to get him out 
    from under the covers and back to a productive life. He said, 
    "Sure, they have side effects. My sex drive isn't what it used
    to be, but it's a price I would pay in a heartbeat."   It sure 
    ain't easy being a man in the middle.
    What are the answers? Well, there are those pharmaceuticals 
    that Mike Wallace talked about, but they do have a huge 
    trade-off to consider. There's psychotherapy as an option.
    Lying on a shrink's couch and telling him how scared you are.
    Telling him how frightened you are of dying. Hoping against
    hope that he has the answers to get you back to life, back to 
    your family, back to your job and out from under the covers. 
    I guess that works for some. I don't know. 
    But I have an answer to this dreaded malady of fear and 
    depression. It is an easy answer, perhaps too easy. It seems 
    to work for me. I take each moment as it comes. What happened 
    to me yesterday is history. Tomorrow? Well that's still a dream. 
    All I have is NOW. I choose to be as positive and as good a 
    person as I can possibly be right NOW. What more can I do?
    Sure, life will throw me some curves. My sister was diagnosed
    recently with cancer. My marriage of a quarter century has 
    come to an end. All curves in the road of life. I must be 
    able to look myself in the mirror and know that I'm "trying" 
    to do the right and good thing every moment that I'm on this 
    good green Earth. How else could I possibly go on? How could 
    I face you? How could I face myself?
    The alternative is to hide under my covers.  


    - Barbara Pfrommer.
    I'm a 52 year old brown eyed        Italian/German-American,  with Blonde Hair (Born with Blonde hair up until 13-years old), and live in Branford, CT 
    I've been married for 31 years to a terrific guy 
    named Bobby.  We have one son, David, who, By 
    the way is our *Pride & Joy In Every Way!*
    I Love all Music (excluding heavy metal/rap),
    Dancing, Being with our friends, all 4-legged 
    animals.   I Love meeting new people.  I've 
    always been out-going!
    We Currently have three Felines:
    "Samantha, Emma & Jingles." 
    .....& That's all we plan on having!
    I feed *all strays daily.*  
    You can read more about me, etc. & About My Site as listed on my Front Page.
    Hugs, Great Health &Happiness To Each Of You!
    Home Page:
    Barb's Bio
    - Ed Zeiser  
    Hobbies: Sailing, music, cooking, and more...
    Home Page:  
    Boomer Of The Month - Nov. 1999 

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