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    Table of Contents:
    SECTION ONE - Web Site of Interest
    SECTION TWO - Entertainment Alert
    SECTION THREE - Travelling Tips
    SECTION FIVE - BOOMER Facts and Data
    SECTION SIX: - Boomer Of The Month
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    SECTION ONE - Web Site of Interest!
    Best Boomer Web Site for this month: AltaQuest
    We discovered John Schultz's web site and really enjoyed the
    concept, the beautiful graphics and design layout.  
    The BoomerFesto page is a wake up call for some of us.
    So check it out at 
    We think you will enjoy this site too.  Let us know what you think.

    SECTION TWO - Media / Entertainment!
    Those Were The Days
    Another interesting web site that we also stumbled upon is a site
    for Beatles lovers.  BAGISM is a very unusual 
    name but you will have to see for yourself why. There are lots 
    of features, especially a page for Beatles' daily activities.
    CNN Cold War The show that defines the time. This TV documentary series will air every Sunday night until early December. This documentary took 3 years to produce. It chronologies COLD WAR in the late 40's, the nuclear danger and power struggle between the superpowers; capitalism VS communism. The CNN coldwar experience and culture web site provides fun filled facts and lots of activities relating to pre and during our boomer years.
    The new Del Shannon
    web site will keep you glue to your monitor with Del's life and his accomplishments. Go to this web site while you listen to 'RUN AWAY' and 'That's The Way Love Is" - Incredible!
    This site got lots of old television shows: Media In History Project

    SECTION THREE - TRAVELLING TIPS! Travel for Women over 40.
    Exploration in Travel, Inc. - Outdoor and Cultural Ventures for Women over 40
    An exciting new array of vacations for women!
    Meet new friends or travel with other friends in a group on a weekend to unwind and relax or an adventure that takes you to new and exotic places.

    Happy Hollyween

    Oktoberfest Highlights What started out as a wild wedding reception in nineteenth-century Munich is now a yearly festival held around the world. For two weeks in October, all over Germany, people eats, drinks, and makes merry as they celebrates Oktoberfest. It is also a chance for us to enjoy traditional German foods, oom-pah music, good friends and beer as many cities and restaurants celebrate this festival.

    SECTION FOUR - - Technology.

     If you have a web site and you update the page all the
    time, you always have to make sure that you change the Last
    Updated Date.  There is a quicker and easier way to update
    this date automatically.  All you have to do is add this 
    code in at the bottom of your page.


    SECTION FIVE: BOOMER Facts and Data
           Who was the only American artist to have
           a #1 hit in Britain in 1964? (answer below)
           This question is one of 554 in the great book "Pure Gold Rock &
           Roll Trivia Questions" by Ron Foster. It's not available in 
           stores but you can order it by mail. Visit Ron Foster's
           Web page for ordering information. 
           The answer is Roy Orbison. Roy made it to the 
           top spot with "It's Over" and "Oh, Pretty Woman" that year. 
           In fact, Roy was the only American to achieve that feat 
           for 68 weeks, beginning in August of 1963 and running 
           through February of 1965. 
    John Denver's Plane went down in the ocean at Monterey Bay on October 11, 1997. See our new feature: This Month in History STAMPVOTE FOR The 70's is finish and voting for the 80's stamps will be set up for your vote soon at:
    NEW VENUE: Boomers International Web Site opened up another venue for our boomer friends to meet, exchange ideas, chat with each other. We are at YAHOO club. Go to: We set up temporary YAHOO id for you to use when logging in. Send us email for USER ID and Password if you do not want to register at YAHOO. which is FREE anyway.

    SECTION SIX: Announcement

    Subj:    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
    Date:   98-10-11 16:12:53 EDT
    From: (Ann Marie Lovett)
    We started a campaign to get Johnny Maestro, formerly of the Crests,(16
    Candles), now with the Brooklyn Bridge, (TheWorst That Can Happen),
    inducted into the hall of fame. Johnny Maestro is the cornerstone of
    what the hall is today. He is one of the orginal pioneers of rock and
    roll music and is long overdue his recogination. We are asking for your
    endorsement, and to spread the word to whomever you think would add to
    this campaign Please e-mail us your letter. Thanking you in advance for
    your cooperation and assistance.
    Sincerly yours,
    Marty and Ann Marie Lovett
    25 Hickory Hills
    White Haven, PA.  18661

    We get lots of emails asking for help in student and general research about boomers, genX's and the generation gaps etc. We tried to give the best answers as we can see fit but sometimes we will point people to the more scientific source of data. Until Jeri gets her Ph.D, sometimes .. in the next few years, she felt that she is only considered herself as a Knowledge Facilitator and not yet, a Knowledge Provider. In the meantime we will provide sources to the other qualified web sites. Here is one with extensive Poll Data that will give insight into Baby Boomers values and the outlook on health care, retirement. Boomers Poll Data

    Here are more statistics about Baby Boomer :
    More than 70 milliion boomers will turn 50 in the next two decades! A recent Roper Starch survey provides the following information: 92 percent have moved out of their parents home * now, some of our parents moved in with us, ha, ha, :) 83 percent have married for the first time 73 percent have become first time parents 29 percent have experienced the death of their father; 16 percent have lost their mother 25 percent have lost a job, and 26 percent have made a major career change (* Can I, can I) 26 percent have been divorced and 12 percent have remarried 13 percent have become a grandparent 6 percent have had a child move back home 9 percent have survived a major illness 10 percent have made major changes in their diet because of a medical condition. 6 percent have been through menopause Source: Roper Starch survey / Los Angeles Daily News Feb. 24, 1998] * comments by us :)

    OCTOBER is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    On November 1 in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, the American Cancer Society's "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk" is where you can join and have fun while fighting this deadly disease!


      John Schultz 

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