Jeri Maier, B.S, M.S.
CEO, President & Founder
Jeri has an extensive background in business, systems
research, datbase design, Internet, and high-tech industry.  
(She worked for several major Fortune 500 companies). 
Jeri travelled internationally across several continents. 
She lived and worked in London, Bangkok, Teheran 
and currently made her home in Southern California
wine country. (Silicon Beach) 

Jeri manage her family businesses and is a 
practioner faculty member at a successful private 

She received an A.S. in Management
from Mission College in Santa Clara, 
a B.S. in Applied Economics from 
University of San Francisco, and 
M.S. in Systems Management from 
College of Notre Dame (University of 
Notre Dame Namur) in Belmont.
She attended a Ph.D. program in Human Science 
at Saybrook Graduate School of San Francisco. 

Currently, Jeri work for a high tech company in 
Newport Beach and teaches at a private university.
She also works with her son Talent Management
company and she also develops web site and 
database systems for other businesses.

Her favourite part time is reading, gardening 
and listening to musics and she enjoys spending
time with her family.

Jeri favourite part time is reading, gardening, working
on the web sites and listening to musics.


We are undergoing strategic changes - Please check out our new team, in the near future.


At the heart and soul of our web site, our 
volunteers are crucial in keeping our groups 
run smooth and keeping our team-spirits up. 
Our volunteers donate their time and contribute
tirelessly to our communities. 

Some members on our volunteer team 
write for us. Many help moderate on 
our community forums on our site 
and at our various affiliated groups 
(Yahoo and MSN). 
Linda Sittler
Woman Editor

Linda was an editor for D.C. Heath Co., Allyn & Bacon Publishers, and the Urban Land Institute. She is a freelance writer and certified teacher, who has worked with children of many ages. Linda is most concerned with the needs of teenagers and has worked as a hotline counselor and online adolescent advisor. Ms. Sittler spent the last six years as a baby boomer caught in the middle of a sandwich household. This precipitated writing her as-yet-unfinished work about the sandwich generation, entitled Boomer Goo.
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  • Margaret Walker, M.A.
    Psychology and Mental Health Counseling
    Community Moderator
    Margaret has degrees in Psychology and Mental Health Counseling.
    She has written 150 poems and is a "Resident Poet" for a greeting card company in the UK. She has written a book about Social Change that she plans to update and get published.
    Margaret's hobbies include: stained-glass, leathercraft, ceramics, home-improvement, oil-painting, and carpentry.
    Margaret and her brothers also own an internet business, selling German beer steins.
    Margaret traveled all over Europe and currently enjoy visiting her internet friends in Canada and the UK. Margaret is one of our moderators at: Boomers Int'l Community.
    Craig Nathanson, M.A.,M.S.
    Monthly Motivational Articles

    Craig Nathanson, The Vocational Coach works 
    with people to discover and experience their 
    vocational passion. As a corporate veteran 
    with 25 years management experience, Craig is 
    also a local college lecturer, writer, 
    workshop leader and marathoner. 
    Craig is passionate about making a difference 
    in the lives of people seeking vocational change. 
    Clients will testify that he is very effective!
    Craig's keynote and seminar topics include: 
    The Experience of Vocational Passion at Mid-life; 
    I am in College but What Do I Do with my Life; 
    and Everybody Needs a Bear Hug: Kids advice for 
    their parents 365 days a year. Audiences find 
    working with Craig inspiring as they open new 
    doors for their personal growth and learning.
    Craig has Masters degrees in both science and 
    arts (M.A., M.S.) and is in the Process of 
    completing his Ph.D. at the Fielding Institute 
    for Human Studies. 
    Community Moderator

    Judy is one of our community's moderator.
    She is a native New Yorker.  
    Judy is in the field of Market Reseach. She compiles 
    reseache for Roper Starch readership reports for 
    her company's clients.
    Judy enjoys dancing, the beach, going to the 
    country, long rides, walks in a park, sunsets
    and rainbows. 
    Judy loves country music and some of  
    Her favorite singers are George Straight, 
    Tim McGraw and Mark Wills.  
    Judy considers herself spirtual and 
    she collects angels. 
    Judy is the mother of one son who was married 
    in June of 1999 and is living with his wife 
    in Arizona.
    She will be a grandmother in the near future.  
    Judy is one of our Group Moderators:
    Boomers Love Connection on Yahoo.and 
    Boomers Int'l Community.  
    Deryl Danner Sr., B.S.,M.A.
    Community Moderator, Writer

    Deryl is a historian, he lives and works in Hawaii.
    He is one of our Group Moderators of:
    Boomers International on Yahoo. 
    Heather T. Carr
    Community Moderator
    Heather is a stay at home mom with one surviving child, 
    a daughter, who is 30. 
    In her spare time Heather sells Avon, volunteer 
    at a local Assisted Living Facility, 
    Heather's hobbies are Jazzercise classes, 
    weights lifing, reading, kniting, sewing, 
    and working on the computer.
    This September 2, Heather and her husband 
    will have been together for 30 years. 
    Heather is one of our Group Moderators of:
    Boomers Int'l Community.  
    Tina Marie
    Community Moderator
    Tina Marie is one of our Group Moderators of:
    Boomers International on Yahoo. 
    Laura Pinto
    Community Moderator
    Laura is a vintage 1958 babyboomer!  
    Originally from New Jersey, Laura has been making 
    her home in the Sunshine State, Florida, 
    for the past 12 years.  Writing is her hobby, 
    fast turning into a vocation (last fall, 
    an article about Annette Funicello that she co-wrote 
    with established writer Don Charles was published 
    in Cool & Strange Music Magazine; two more pieces, 
    one solo, are scheduled for publication this year).  
    Laura owns or moderates about 20 Yahoo Groups 
    and several groups on MSN; 
    She's a webmistress of several sites, her most 
    favorite is Laura's Ron Dante Fan Pages
    She also manages about two dozen site rings, 
    mostly on Webring. 
    Laura works full-time as an accounts payable 
    processor, and when she's not at the office, 
    you can find her at home with her two dogs, 
    and working on her web sites! 
    Laura is one of our Group Managers of:
    Love The Oldies At MSN. 
    Richard aka PR1737
    Community Moderator,

    Richard is a computer expert and he is one of our Group Moderators of:
    Boomer Singles Community on Yahoo. 
    Shari - sll0624
    Community Moderator,

    Shari is a  one of our Group Moderators of:
    Boomer Singles Community on Yahoo. 


    Dr. Susan Osborn, Ph.D.
    Organization Developement
    Dr. Susan M. Osborn, Ph.D., is a college professor,
    speaker,  consultant, and author of 
    Her regular column appears in  Office Politic column in
    High Tech Careers - Western U.S. Edition.
    Dr. Osborn's field of interest is organizational 
    development, leadership, and management.
    Her areas of expertise lie in global issues and
    systems thinking, spirit in the workplace, 
    organizational change and development,
    and women and assertion.

    The following writers wrote for our site in the past

    Gary Sorkin, B.S
    Men's Articles
    B.A. from Fairleigh Dickinson Univ, Madison, NJ -
    Major in Marketing, Minor in Journalism
    VP of Advertising Agency, Old Bridge, NJ
    Inventor, sculptor, painter -
    Entrepreneur of the year 1987
    Writer of 14 screenplays, novel, 
    stage plays, columns for print 
    and the Internet.  
    Creator of a TV sitcom.  
    Sold 3 options to Hollywood.
    A TV movie scheduled for production. 
    One produced stage play.
    Editor and writer for two New York newspapers

    Sorcha Blaine, B.A, M.A.
    Women's Articles

    A reporter for a small mid-western newspaper. 
    Received Bachelors degree from Harvard University
    Masters degree in Writing from Boston University. 
    While at Boston University, she was one of four
    students chosen to study with Derek Walcott.
    Winner of the 1992 Nobel Prize for Literature. 
    She is the author of several plays which have 
    appeared in Massachusetts and California. 

    Gail R. Mitchell

    Gail R. Mitchell is our spokeswoman for
    Caregivers at Boomers International and the
    creator of the Empowering Caregivers Site. Her
    articles have been published in the National
    caregiving magazine "Today's Caregiver" and in
    Canada's National caregiving magazine,
    "CANGO Quarterly." She also contributes to
    many other caregiving sites on the Internet.

    Rowan C. Millar
    Generation Y.

    Rowan lives in Silicon Valley and spent several
    of his summers travelling through South America,
    and Mexico.  


    Jolele was one of our moderators at the Single Boomers At Yahoo Site.

    Jessica Thompson
    Generation X.

    Jessica was an Editor-in-Chief of "Sweelit" 
    ("Sweetwater Union High School District's Literature"), 
    a forum in which students from all over the United 
    States could present their own short stories, plays, or 
    poems and have fellow students critique them.
    She was featured in NEA Today, a national education 
    magazine.  Jessica attended University of San Diego.

    Eric Hutchinson, B.S
    HTML, Java, C, C++ Programmer
    Eric received his B.S. degree in Computer Science from 
    Providence College.  Eric worked as a part-time model 
    and also work  for is his father's business in the industrial
    ventilation.  Currently, when Eric is not working on the
    Boomer International site, he works as a

    David Rivera, B.A.
    Programmer, Network

    Dave received his A. A degree in Business Management,
    and B. A degree in Computer Information Systems.
    Dave was the Most Valuable Player Cross Country at Stanislaus 
    State during 1994 - 1995 season.
    Dave works for a Silicon Valley company in Los Gatos.
    He just bought a beautiful house in Oakley - Congrats DAVE!!

    Jack Ellis, B.A.

    Programmer, Writer

    Jack received his B.A. in History from Virginia 
    Military Institute, Lexington, VA. with emphasis 
    on European and American History.  He is a  
    Certified Professional Tennis Instructor through 
    the USPTA. Jack interests are Martial Arts, Fitness,
    continuation of lingual studies in Chinese and Thai, 
    and Internet web technology.  
    Jack travelled extensively in Southeast Asia and Europe.

  • Jieranai T. Maier
    Attended ,
    Saybrook Graduate School,
    San Francisco, CA.
    MS. Systems Management,
    College Of Notre Dame, Belmont, Ca.
    B.S, Applied Economics,
    U. of San Francisco, S.F., Ca.

  • We want to extend OUR gracious appreciation
    for our friends who currently help us or helped us in the past.
    Bless your heart!

  • Susan Osborn Ph.D, M.S.W.*
    Organization/Career Editor
    , Adjunct Professor,
    Saybrook Graduate School,
    San Francisco, CA.
    Consultant, Speaker,
    and Author of THE SYSTEM MADE ME DO IT! *


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