Pacific Coast Highway runs through Northern 
    part of Washington State, through Southern
    border which connects to Northern Oregon.
  • Spencer Spit State Park on Lopez Island
    1/4 miles beach on North Ease side of Lopez Island. Information (800) 233-0321
    Campground Reservations (800) 452-5687
  • Alki Beach - West Seattle
    A two miles beach bordered by Alki Avenue. This beach can remind you of (has) Southern California Style an atmosphere of. From State Freeway 99 south of Seattle, take West Seattle Freeway exit and follow Harbor Avenue signs.
  • FORT CANBY State Park
  • If you love natural setting, drift wood
  • Ocean Shores
    Atlantic Style Beach with 6 miles of flat sand turns into a highway for horseback riders, moped.
    Washinton's oldest coastal resort town that has been beautifully restored.
  • newport beach


      Miles of sandy beaches and redwoods groves.
      art galleries, and restaurants share vibrant
      part of Oregon coastal scenes.
        Best Sand and surf:
      Oregon Dune National Areas
      Miles of sands, dunes and near the rver mouths
      between Florence and 
      Coors Bay.  Places to hike, birdwatch or just 
      observing and enjoy  the natural hibitats. 
      You can get there right from highway 101. 
        Best Swimming Hole:
      Sunset Bay State Park
      Small protected bay makes an ideal stop for family.  
      Great for swimming since the it is not too windy, 
      although the water is not that warm. No lifeguard 
      on duty.
      From Coor Bay, down south on highway 101 for
      approx.13 miles. 
        Best beach for lovers:
      Nye Beach, Newport
      Dines at one of the intimate B & B.  Take a 
      barefoot walks on the beach under the moon and
      gaze at the sky filled with stars.
        Best beach for solitude:
      New River
      Hardly a soul here. Miles of sand dunes and
      shore pines and hiking trails.   
      Further south of Coor Bay and from Langlots, 
      13 miles south of Bandon, follow signs 3 miles
      to Boice cope County Park (541)247-7074.
       Best beach with Sun:
      Very rare in Oregon but it is usually about 
      20 degree warmer here than other beaches.
      Southtern most on highway 101, on the border
      of Oregon/California.

  • Here is a link to more details of Oregon Beaches.
      Famous for surfing, The Broadwalk, shopping,
      million dollars golf courses, art galleries, 
      and restaurants are world famous Northern 
      California coastal scenes.  Cities such as
      Bodega Bay, Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, Monterey,
      Santa Cruz, Carmel by The Sea, 
      Monterey Bay , Pebble Beaches.

  • Check out some photographs of
    Northern California Beaches.
      Life's a beach in Central Coast California.  Charming
      and more sedate than Northern or the Southern Cal but
      these beaches have much to offer such as Clams Bake 
      parties, bon fire, light, fluffy sand, and whale watch.
      Morro Bay, Cambria, Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, Avila,
      Arroyo Grande and numerous beaches all the way 
      down to Santa Barbara are some of the beaches that 
      we will feature.

      Best Snorkeling Beach:
    La Jolla Cove. 
      Best Tidepools and Grunion Runs:
    Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro
      Best Kids' Beach:
    Marina del Rey
      Best Beach Campsite:
    El Capitan State Beach
    15 miles west of Santa Barbara off 101.
    Take the El Capitan State Beach exist.
    Sophisticate with Mediterranean style:
    Santa Barbara
      Least Crowded Beach:
    Jalama Beach.  
    20 Miles southwest of Lompoc via Hiway 1 and Jalama Road.
      Family Beach:
    San Dollar Beach,
    Los Padres National Forest
    About 9 miles south of Lucia, 4 miles north of Gorda
      For the Young at Heart:
    Cluster of beaches along California central coast:
    Pismo Beach
    Long and wide beach with soft powder like sand.
    Great Campground for RVs.
    Shell Beach
    Glover Beach
    Avila Beach
    Best Central Coast Spa:
    Sycamore Spring at Avila Beach
      Best Place to Eat:
    Olde Port Inn, Avila Beach,
    Fresh halibut, cioppino etc.
    Port San Luis Pier (805) 596-2515
    Further up north: 
    Morro Bay  
    Three-mile sandspit and the shores of
    Morro Bay and Los Osos.  
    Fishing industry center here.
    Estero Bay, famous for its beautiful state parks
    fishing, surfing, kayaking, golfing, birdwatching, 
    beachcombing, or just relaxing and enjoying 
    the sunset.
      Quaint and A romantic getaway:
    Seaside village, an artist's colony nestled in 
    a forest of towering Monterey pines

  • Here is a link to some photographs of
    Central Coast California Beaches.

  • For Big Sur: this is the best non-conmmercial
    web site for guide!
    newport beach IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
      Golden beaches, sun tan worshipers, surfers, 
      cyclers, rollerbladers, valleyballers, shopping,
      art galleries, and restaurants share vibrant part 
      of Southern California  beach scenes. 
  • Check here for some photographs and more details of Southern California Beaches.
  • huntington USA Today Beach Index:
       Northern California
    (Highlighted portion runs from California's northern
    border with Oregon to Santa Barbara, California)
    Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk
    Beach characteristics: Pocket beaches among
     rocky shoreline; a few white sand beaches
    Sand type: Coarse to fine, tan, grey and white.
     Gravelly in the north.
    Water description: Generally, swimming is
     impossible because of cold temperatures
     and dangerous currents. Large waves.
    Recommendations from Dr. Beach:
    Best Walking Beach:Carmel Beach
    Best Wilderness Beach:Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur
    Best Sports Beach:Santa Cruz
    Best Swimming Beach:Stinson Beach
    Best Novelty Beach:Agate Beach, St. Patrick's
     Point State Park 
      Southern California
    (highlighted portion runs from California's 
    southern border with Mexico to Santa Barbara)
    Huntington Beach, California
    Beach characteristics: Wide, sandy beaches. 
    Pocket beaches in rocky areas.
    Sand type: Tan to off-white, fine to coarse. 
    Water description: Water is chilly, hitting 
    only the low 70 degree mark in the summer. 
    Large waves break onshore, which makes
     for good surfing. Swimming is challenging
     to dangerous. Rip currents can pose a threat.
    Recommendations from Dr. Beach:
    Best Overall Beach:East Beach, Santa Barbara 
    Best Swimming Beach:Carpinteria Sate Beach
    Best City Beach:Newport Beach
    Best Novelty Beach:Venice Beach
    Best Surfing Beach:Huntington Beach
      Northwest beaches
    (Washington state and Oregon; Highlighted 
    portion shows Canadian-USA border to
    California's northern border)
    Near Neskowin on the Oregon Coast
    Beach characteristics: Mountains drop into
     the sea punctuated by small sandy plains 
    and beaches where rivers meet the sea.
    Sand type: Fine white sand, very coarse 
    sand, or even cobbles. Some beaches are
     sand on top of hard rock.
    Water description: Stormiest and coldest
    waterin the continental U.S. Swimming
    and wading are not prime activities. 
    Hypothermia is a major concern for
    any swimmer.
    Recommendations for this region from Dr. Beach:
    Best Overall Beach:Cannon Beach, Oregon
    Best Walking Beach:Long Beach, Washington
    Best Wilderness Beach:Rialto Beach,
     Olympic National Park, Washington
    Best Sports Beach:Oregon Dunes NRA, 
    Best City Beach:Harris Beach State Park,
     Brookings, Oregon.

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