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California is a Pacific state of U.S on the West (Pacific) coast.
Admitted to the Union in 1850; Total Area: 158,693 sq mi (411,013 sq km); Sacramento is State Capital; Total Population approx. 29,839,250. Abbreviation: CA, Cal.

California gained worldwide fame as the center of American filmmaking in Hollywood, LA. By the 1960s it had become the heart of the television industry as well. California is also famous for sunshine, beaches, surfing, redwoods trees, Yosemite National Park, blue sky and mild climate.

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SAN FRANCISCO: The City by the Bay, The Golden Gate Bridge City, Baghdad by the Bay; these names are all refer to what is considered by many to be the most cosmopolitan city on the American West coast. It is a city blessed with an unsurpassed natural setting and enlivened with an ethnic and cultural diversity that would be notable in any of the world's major metropolises.

Silicon Valley, situated in the south bay is the hub of innovations in the computer, software and consumer electronics industries. S.F. Bay Area also are well known for its Bio-Tech industries. All made possible by the concentration of reputable and world class universities and colleges.


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San Francisco Bay Area:

San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose and Silicon Valley San Francisco is located midway up the California coast on the tip of a broad peninsula that stretches for 30 miles (48 kilometers) southward from the Golden Gate Bridge(113k),

Silicon Valley is home and birthplace of many high tech companies in the Bay Area, (427k) especially in Santa Clara Valley. Well known companies such as Hewlett Packard (HP) in Palo Alto, Intel Corp and, National in Santa Clara, IBM in San Jose, Apple in Cupertino, Sun Micro Systems, Silicon Graphics, Netscape in Mountain View, Yahoo in Palo Alto.

The older name for Santa Clara Valley..Valley of Heart's Delight, originated from early days of fruits, vegetable and flower orchards. When you come out to visit, either on a business trip or a vacation with your family, there are plenty of things to do. Where is a great place to dine? Where to go for family entertainment? Have fun exploring ... Yes, you can still wear some flowers in your hair and also.. be aware you might leave your heart in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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San Francisco Map

San Francisco the seaport on the bay; transportation and financial center, oil refining, shipbuilding, fashion, movies, software, food processing. Point of interests: Transbay bridges; cable cars; Golden Gate Park; Chinatown; Fisherman's Wharf; Ghiaradelli Square, Pier 39, The Cannery, Steinhart Aquarium, De Young Museum, Zoo, North Beach - "Little Italy" on Columbus Street between Broadway & Chestnut, Exploratorium museum and the Palace of Fine Arts. The Haight-Ashbury, is where the hippie movement still lives on. Haight Street between Stanyan & Ashbury

Shopping in San Francisco: Merchandise Marts, Nordstrom, Sak's, Macy's, Nieman Marcus, Bloomingdale's! Union Square on Powell/Stockton/Post/Geary, Union Street.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is the world's second longest main suspension span.

Night Life, Clubs South-of-Market after dark if you want nightlife. 11th Street and Folsom Street offer a variety of restaurants, jazz, blues & rock clubs, plus dancing: Sound Factory- 181- Club release- club universe palladium-dna lounge paradise lounge DV8 cocovas the condor the Oz there's also a bunch around north beach DNA Friday's are retro 70s and sat's are 80s, 11th and Harrison Street! 20 Tank 710 ashbury street 7th City Band plays from 2 to 4 times a month around the Bay Area.


Cornell Hotel de France Hotel Brady Acres Beds and Breakfast, Country Inn Guide Beds and Breakfast - S.F. Beds and Breakfast Int'l, S.F. The Allison Hotel is located 417 Stockton St. (near Union Square, at Sutter St.). The Allison has recently undergone a complete renovation of all guest rooms and public areas and is the best value in the heart of San Francisco. For more information, take a look at the Allison Hotel web site at HotelView, you'll never look at hotels the same way again. Go there before you get there, with HotelView. HotelView is the video jukebox of hotels worldwide.

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San Jose Downtown Maps

Do You Know the way to Down Town San Jose?

SAN JOSE: One of the fastest-developing
cities in California is San Jose. It lies 50 miles (80 Kmetres)
southeast of San Francisco in the Santa Clara Valley.
The area surrounding the city has long been known for
fruit packing and canneries. From the late 1960s, it is
known for its high-tech and bio-tech industries.
More history for San Jose
Check this out when you get to San Jose: Tech Museum and go across the street to Children Discovery Museum.
SANTA CLARA is the Heart of Silicon Valley.
The biggest semiconductor manufacturer in the world 
is in this city. I know, I work here!

When you are in town, do not forget to visit the Intel Museum. It is very interesting and it is free! Take the kids to Paramount Great America Amusement Park, they will love you for it. There is an Imax theatre, a Drop Zone ride and many more.

Santa Clara Mission is situated in the university. Harris/Lass House and Triton museums are all near by.

If you like high-tech visit Apple R&D Center to shop, visit Netscape Gift Shop, Sun Micro and Silicon Graphics in Mountain View.

Palo Alto, Mid Pennisula

Site Seeing: East Bay Region

Berkeley, Walnut Creeks, Danville, Blackhawk, Pleasanton and Livermore.

OAKLAND: Is on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay. It is the largest city and the heart of East Bay, a heavily populated and industrialized belt with half the 3.7 million people of the S.F-Oakland urban area. Oakland is a thriving seaport of major business and manufacturing center.

Novato, Marin map

    Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz and Carmel Region

    Portola found Monterey Bay on May 24, 1770. He established the mission San Carlos Barromeo which was moved to Carmel in 1771.

    Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the new $57million Outer Bay Wing just opened March 2nd. It is the biggest aquarium window for a million gallon tank that holds exhibits of sea creatures. The unique tank creates an impression of endless expanse of sea with vivid ocean and marine life.

    Salinas Valley: One of world's most productive farming regions. Visit John Steinbeck Library in Salinas. Steinbeck's Festival, Aug 1-4. (408)753-6411.

    Capitola Beach

    Castroville, Artichoke Capital of the World, holds annual Artichoke Festival in early spring.

    Santa Cruz, Surf City USA, Capital of surfing and surfer communities.

    Gilroy is the Garlic Capital of the World, yearly Garlic Festival - July 26-28 (408)842-1625.

    South of King City is Greenfield, Home of the Broccoli and Basil Festival.

    Santa Clara Valley used to be the Prune capital of the world... (Marysville and Yuba City now are the capitals of plum orchards and Prune packaging.)

    I live and work in the SF South Bay for over 20 years. Our house is one of development tracks that used to be part of the plum orchards on Pruneridge Avenue, a two lanes road running through them.

    East of S.F. Bay area through highway 580 is Stockton - Asparagus festival, April 26-28 (800)350-1987.

    Further up highway 5 is Galt with Strawberry Festival between May 18-19 (209) 745-2529.

    Up north in Sabastopol, an Apple Fair - Aug 10-11. (707)996-2154.

    Campbell's Prune Festival - May 28-29.

    Strawberry Festival Laguna Seca June 22-23 (408) 663-4166.

    Los Gatos's Strawberry Festival - June1-2.

    Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras, May 25-26.

    In the Fall, pick your own pumpkins for Holloween in Half Moon Bay.

    Zucchini Festival, Hayward, East Bay, Aug 16-18 (510)264-9466.


    Info Monterey Bay Events

    Site Seeing Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz

    Monterey Bay Vacation Rentals

    Monterey Bay Aquarium:

    Monterey Bay Sanctuary Otterplate

    AT&T Pro Am Golf


    See maps for Monterey areas

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