Pacific Coast Hiway
Pacific Coast Hiway

    Washington State is north of Oregon with several cities 
    and coastal towns on Pacific ocean.

    Seattle is known worldwide for its distinctive culture and 
    trendsetting styles from music to coffee. No wonder such 
    high-caliber fine and performing arts thrive here--not to 
    mention major international film and arts festivals. Must-
    see attractions include the famous Pike Place Market and 
    waterfront, Pioneer Square, the Space Needle, the award-
    winning Woodland Park Zoo, the Seattle Aquarium, the Seattle 
    Art Museum and the colorful public art collection that 
    vitalizes city parks and streets.

    World renown San Juan Islands are favourite for Whale 
    watchers from all over the world. They came to see the 
    Orca that roll, splash and dive beneath the tour boats. 
    Whale watching season for the glimp of these fascinating 
    creatures is between May and September. Lime Kiln State 
    Park on San Juan Island is the only park in the state 
    devoted exclusively to watching whales, primarily Orca.

    Mount Rainier is the region's most visible landmark for 
    Puget Sound, it is the largest glacier system in the 
    continental United States. Mount St. Helens which is 
    south of Mount Rainier, is not as big, but just as 
    imposing. Three entrances take you into Mount St. Helens 
    National Volcanic Monument.On May 18, 1980, the dorment 
    volcanic erupted and sent smoke cloud blanking ash that
    covering many hundred of miles in the western US region.

    The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area on the 
    Washington side is very beautiful and exemplify the 
    Northwest region exploration challenges and discovery. 
    Highway 14 along the coast is a country style two-lane 
    highway. You can take your time and savour the scenery 
    and fresh ocean air.

    Jet Boating in Hells Canyon

    Salmon River Run

    The Snake River is well known from the old era of 
    Lewis and Clark to the present. There are sighting 
    of wild life such as Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.

    Wine Country and Vintyard Tour 
    Washington's premier grape-growing region has great soil
    and temperature for producing the classic, award-winning 
    wines of Europe: cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, merlot,
    pinot noir and riesling. With this tour, you can visit 
    45 wineries, many of which provide wine-tasting year round 
    in garden and vineyard settings.

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Washington Tourism

Free Drawing For Photo Book!

Washington State International Kite Festival
Voted Best Kite Festival in the World
by Kite Trade Association International
August 18-24, 2003

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Activities for Children

FUN beach Washington' Long Beach Penninsula


Golf Courses


Indian Cultural Centers

Museums / Galleries

River Rafting, Whitewater Kayaking and Sea Kayaking

Whale Watching


Zoos and Wildlife Centers

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Washington Beach
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