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In Generations , we noted with some amazement that no one has yet written a decent collective biography of perhaps the most tightly bonded and linear-minded peer group in American history--the one whose lifecycle perfectly defines the “American Century.” Yes, we’re talking about the G.I. Generation. A similar silence now haunts the web. Won’t someone please fill the void? For the Silent Generation, your first stop should be Jim Brett’s The Silent Generation , a wonderful effort to define a generation and map its trajectory--full of hyperlinks to other kindred peer sites and sensitive retrospectives.

As you might expect, the web groans under the weight of “Boomer” sites, most of which (alas) are about as serious as a group hug and reflective as a strip mall--full of self-help therapeutics and tacky memorabilia. Start with the mother of all Boomer sites, Boomers International...

April 2000 - April 2002

Great Website! Thanks heaps for the information. :)

09/01/02 08:57 pm
Thanks for the reply.
Your boomer web site is awesome.

nice site, enjoyed visiting!

Just browsing, came on this site, thought it would be fun to meet new people with same interests. Love old rock and roll 60's and 70's and Nascar.


This is a wonderful website with a lot of useful and amusing information .

Having a Blast!

I had more fun on this site today. I was supposed to editing mine, so I brought this site up in order to copy and paste your link to my Fun Links. Wound up spending 90 minutes or better. Laughed out loud, several times, especially at Boomer of the Month Jan (SHE'S A DOLL!) and Jun 2000! Finished an intense online NAR (nat'l assn realtors) class for new e-Pro* (internet professional) designation in Jun. Had to ID a target market for my site. Went thru last 18 mos transactions to learn it's Boomers who have discovered my town! (Love it...I'm an early boomer.) Thus, they are my target market. Then I found a class on http://KaplanCollege.com , under Real Estate: Baby Boom Generation, Your Coming Tide of Opportunity. Fabulous stuff! Instructor is a wonderful, highly respected national r.e. trainer, Diana Brouthers. Anyway, that is how I found you!

hello , i was searching for an interesting website in which i can find fun and entertainment and the site would not allow me to go back so i have found your's but i am not sure that for how long this site would contain the process of intertainmentfor my pleasure but i would hope.

Date: Sat Apr 1, 2000 1:06 pm Subject: Flash back.................. Oh Gawdddddddd
I thought for a moment I was lost in time!!!!
I went out to the store the other day and while looking around, I thought I was hallucinating!!
Course the oldies music was on and when I looked at the clothes I thought I had gone back in time!
All the clothes from the late sixties, early seventies!!
My head really started to buzz when I saw them.............
*Gulp*...............Yes there they were!!
PUKA BEADS!! OMG! My hubby and I Both wore those!
Whew............ What a head rush, I really thought I had taken a step Back in time for a minute there..........Teehee But.............
I went and walked by a Mirror..........
:o( Nope, this was the Old Me, not the young one I used to know.........LOL
Guess I dont get out much. ROFL soooooo Hard!!
Where have I been!!???? I felt like I was in the Land Of Oz or somewhere! hehehe

Subject: Re: THE 70'S~Where Were You?? a little personal history abt viet nam.
i do a lot off shipping for canadian movie crew to other countries. last dec. i had to ship a move crew out of viet nam. because in the plot of the movie their was a referance to drugs. we had to get eqpt. out of country within 48 hours. even when they had a lic. to shoot. and the script had been given a year in adv. there was no reason given, military appeard one day . stoped the shooting and order them out. they were under house arrest and escorted to airport.
these countries can be a very dangerious place to be.

I really just stumbled into this site, and have enjoyed it very much!

I am proud to be a part and person of this history making era. I have few regrets about the experiences I have chosen. The music, the experimentation, the free love, the causes continue to effect lives. Through our desire to be different and uncommon we have laid out considerable changes for mankind. It is an honor to be an integral part of this whole generation that continues to make a difference in this thing called life.

I was chatting with a friend tonight about the past. I said I was old enough to have entered the business world when there were no computers, no fax machines and no copying machines. I worked 40 hours a week made lots of money and so did the company. We were always busy but the stress level was low.
Based on the speed of doing things manually the same job should be able to be done in about one hour now. Anybody know anybody working full time an hour a week LOL.
I sell Digital Imaging Systems for a living which is supposed to increase productivity but I spend my life going from one burnt out group of people to another. Somehow we missed something along the way.

Subject: Re: Silicon Valley vs Southwest Florida
Did you know that current Sociological studies suggest that by the year 2010 as much as 90 percent of Florida's population will be retirees. I'm not sure what the current census indicates but I suspect that number to be high, and maybe you could shed a little more light on it for me. Anyway, I'm also wondering if the "new economy represents stress and more stress" is more indicative of the aged and retired mindset that permeates the Florida coastline?

Subject: Re: Silicon Valley vs Southwest Florida
I thought I'd chime in here with a comment about Future Florida Demographics. I do NOT believe that Fla will be 90% retired people any time in the future.

I believe Florida will continue to become increasingly more expensive to live in. The current state legeslature and govenor seem to want to scale down social spending as well.

Also, more and more companies are leaving the states with Union Laws and strict employment guidlines for Right To Work states like Florida.
those companies will need a pool of young workers.

Florida has cost wise a competative state college system that actually attracts out of state students even when they have to pay the higher out of state rate. Although this may change soon as many colleges are already strained with record numbers of enrollments.

If the current trends continue, Florida will stay
relatively young......

Date: Thu Dec 30, 1999 12:11 pm
South Florida is no longer a hot spot for retirees. The 70s and 80s saw a blitz of retirees flowing into this area but due to the increased cost of living retirees of average means are looking elsewhere. When I moved to Lee County in 1992 the average age was 50, now in 1999 the average age has dropped to 35. Florida opened its 10th University here and that has increased the flow of young people.
In reference to being stressed out this is true all over the country. The US workers have now passed the Japanese in hours worked per week. My point was that Hi Tech certainly has not made life easier only faster. We are now a group of people going 100 miles an hour and for the most part going nowhere fast. People are working two and three jobs just to put one pay check together.
Computers get faster and faster and people work more and more. This not what computers were supposed to accomplish. We were supposed to get our work done faster so we could have more leisure time and spend more time with friends and family. Part of this is due to the fact that most companies reward the top 5% and leave the rest to scramble more and more to make a living.
Of course what goes around comes around and sooner or later there will be a labor backlash.
If the American worker doesn't wake up soon we may be joining the Mexicans. The Dow Jones is certtainly no indication of what is happening in America. Millions have been left behind. When the gap gets too wide the backlash will come as it always has. Florida in particular looks more like a Banana Republic everyday, the haves and the have nots.

From: sporanje@wanadoo.nl (S.P.W. Oranje)

Hi Jeri,
I don't know if you already have the lyrics of danny mirror, but i'll include then anyway.

Steve Oranje, The Netherlands

From: shomodj@tippnet.co.yu (Boris Somodjvarac)
To: boomersint@aol.com
- I remember Elvis Presley

Up to now you were used to me not mentioning the war and all the bad things coming from it. Today I am compelled to tell you, as a woman, and a mother, what has happened last night in my city.
About 1.00 AM, Neurological ward of one of the major Belgrade hospitals was hit by NATO bombs. Three patients were killed, many patients and stuff injured, including one infant. At the time of the bombing 4 deliveries were in progres. Entire hospital, including the Maternity ward, and large deparment for Children's Pulmonary Diseases, had to be evacuated in the middle of the night, and during the air raid. One totally insignificant, small gas station in the immediate vicinity of TWO hospitals (and my own, about a mile away) was hit, so that "collateral" damage could be justified. I do not want to elaborate on this any more. Only that the hospitals are situated in the middle of residential area........."

Last night major power stations were bombed, so there is severe shortage of power in entire country. By some miracle, I srtill have it. SO if I'm not present on the net - that's the reason......

Subject: Re: THE 70'S~Where Were You??

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