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Pick of the Week! 3/16/98

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    Spiritual Philosophy

    Photo by Karen Guay

    By Kathy Oddenino
    Institute of Metaphysical Studies ™


    Spiritual Philosophy is the study of our male thinking mind, female loving emotions, and spirit senses in relationship to each other as an Intelligent Design of Spirit Consciousness. The Divine Idea of allowing us infinite time to Know Thyself is now facing a dramatic change in focus from the external image to our internal image of thinking.

    In contrast, Philosophy as it is taught in our world today is the study of the intellectual mind and its external relationship to thinking.

    Spiritual Philosophy is based upon the internal scientific design of ourselves as an Intelligent Design of the Divine Idea of the Universal Spirit. The scientific design of ourselves as an Intelligent Design is found in the design, structure, and function of our Internal Primary Nervous System. Our Primary Nervous System Design includes a thinking mind (Cerebral Cortex and cerebrum), loving emotions (Limbic System), and infinite spirit senses as the Cerebellum. When we say, “We are made in the image of God,” we speak the literal truth because a loving God/Spirit Consciousness would always give us the tools that we need to grow and change from our externally focused male mind into the internal infinity of our male thinking mind, female loving emotions, and our infinite spirit senses as our Trinity of Spirit Consciousness.

    Our Primary Nervous System is supported by our Autonomic Nervous System, Secondary Nervous System, and our Enteric Nervous System, which shows us the quadrivium of the intelligent design of us as Physical Human Beings living through the eternal and internal pattern of our Spirit Consciousness. We are designed as a human species that can change and grow into an understanding of our design, structure, and function as a Spirit Consciousness (energy) living in a physical body (matter), that has the power to “Know Thyself.” Only Spiritual Philosophy can teach us the Intelligent Design of us as Physical Human Beings because Spiritual Philosophy allows us to “think” with an internal perception of ourselves as the Divine Idea of the Spirit Consciousness as our Creator, which gives our “thinking mind” the ability to understand its own eternal image as an external/internal quadrivium design.

    When we study Spiritual Philosophy instead of the various images of Metaphysics, we are studying the eternal and internal design, structure, and function of us as physical human beings that are designed as the indwelling energy of Spirit Consciousness learning through the matter of our physical human experience. We are energy and matter, which was and is the focus of the design of the human species as the evolution of the Divine Idea of the Intelligent Design to “Know Thyself’ as energy and matter.

    About Kathy

    Kathy Oddenino has been teaching Spiritual Philosophy since 1984, when she decided to quit her nursing job and commit herself to teaching and writing about Human Consciousness and its relationship to health. Medicine is misrepresenting disease care as health care, she says. I want to see people get well.

    Kathy teaches monthly seminars in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina area, and works with clients using her Spiritual Counseling and Neural Depolarization techniques. Kathy was taught this technique internally as a child when she was very ill. NDP works directly with our internal nervous system and, in conjunction with organic foods and pure water, is effective in healing all forms of disease.

    Kathy was born on a farm in Salem, Illinois, went to St. Vincents School of Nursing in Indiana, and moved to Washington, DC in 1951. She married in 1952, had 7 children, and continued her nursing career, among other activities such as writing books, and working with her husband in their Real Estate company and continuing to understand the design, function, and power of our thinking, with the knowledge of us as spirit beings. She has experienced disease and healing throughout her life.

    Please visit Kathy's website ( or ) to learn more about her work experience, 7 books, and teaching schedule. This information defines consciousness and explains our Intelligent Design, our purpose of Evolution as human beings, and how we can be healthy and happy people as we understand the role of our mind and loving emotions in creating the changes we want to experience in our life and in our world. No one else can grow and change for us or evolve for us. We must follow the chemical patterns of evolution as we have designed them within our Dual Soul from our journey of eternal life. If we are willing to look honestly at ourselves today, we can easily see that as we destroy the chemical integrity of Nature and Earth, we are destroying the chemical integrity of our own human design, which is why our world is rampant with "incurable" diseases. All diseases should be curable with Nature's medicine.

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