Love Poem

Love boats sail on sea conference 
Welcome and happiness come into bones 
All peoples hope for a bon voyage 
Loves of many spouses are waited for sea-ages 

Creams are salty but sweets are sour 
Minutes are to hours 
Serpentine mountains are liars 
Robeson never has beautiful beds in airs 

Heartless is wolf but they are in flocks 
Hips are tapped but many toes are tight 
Loves are flood plains where silk birds are float 
Resourcefulness of minds can not have the dissolute seas tied 

Loves are guilty in no ways 
Sexes are atoms but loves are electrons 
Eve and apples are on all days 
Besides happiness loves could have nothing to collect 

All fishes are bondages in seas 
Loves are shelters with skins to seal 
Libels are from mouths but loves are from lips 
Sexes are our limbic systems like our limbs 

Spirits are wines that serve to be ad hoc 
We can take all kinds of loves as we are our hosts 
Can fantasy of loves stop in any infinitudes 
Oh babies your sweets are our skins 

---------------note on love (prose)--------------------- Shake your hairs and turn up your face for Spanish roses. It is loves from my mind and my fingers to your fore head. Rose is red as royal bloods and, your face turn up to receive the springs. Springs spin their love-threads. They all can arouse beautiful drifts. No throngs are chilling than hatreds, but my loves will drive them all away. Jim got the jimmy to open the windows of your mind. For now on you can deny all loves except that that are bold The implications of loves are to escape, to my world to some heavens. The overtones of my romantic loves, cover all our main themes. If loves are not luxurious and expensive, then it is so selfish. However all mean peoples like me, need a better cuisine. All kinds of life-stuffs besides roses keep lives for long. Lives need the supports of many things and lives need the smells of scents to last moments By cheung shun sang=cauchy3=laplace181

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