Defiant Thistle Haiku

Pink thistle returns
standing tall on rising cliffs
chiseled by the sea
Copyright 2001 by femmefataleca

Coastal Slumber

Oh, golden coin! Molten hues abound
as you retreat 'cross western sky
to rest your weary head, cloaking your glow
in pink and heather-toned coverlets, disappearing
beyond broad shoulders seen on the horizon.

Let me return as you awake, to bathe
in the shower of your warmth, born anew,
midst the iridescent glitter of the sea
and live from your radiant glow,
only to dream once again with you.

Copyright 1999 by femmefataleca

Hermit Crab Haiku

Ocean tide retreats:
hermit crab in fragile shell
on sands of courage

Copyright 2001 by femmefataleca


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