Who appear with a real look

promient people casting a lots
but who assembly an old fox
power sticks are most fulsome
so more real than penis that are cloned
frugal chairman maos wife use it to dig
her hushand put pants on women
but man are naught

Governer of hongkong has hands big
clapping and applausing to cheer his bosses up
Mao throw somebody out of throne
who throw ones body on it next
president taiwan benefit bad landlords
but burried on a small log

some bishop cover his man in the name of lord
while chief here put fish in a small can
he has not yet got the chance to be respected
unless he think himself is a dog

commimissioner has to follow the law
she support nothing but the law
one judges' son is extenuated under her skirts
even she ignored the papers
about stealing for people of court

LAPLACE181 - Hong Kong
By cheung shun sang on Tuesday,
December 24, 2002 - 03:02 pm:

Laplace181 the writter is being said
to be a dude he would the real person
whos look really matter by look

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