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Never Mind Love

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You speak to me from your heart,
You asked if I can hear you,
You sing to me from your soul,
Will I want to be with you?
You whispered,
Cold wind blowing blistering chill,
So you put your arms around my body,
You said we can make a life together,
You said it will be such a heaven,
I said there's no need to hurry,
We can see how our love will be,
You said you wanted to be with me,
Forever we'll embrace each other's love,
Forever we will be in each other's arms
You speak to me with warm smile,
You eyes as bright and wonderful blue,

Hush and sweet hark melodic lullabye,
Vast sky we lied beneath, together in the desert,
Both of our hearts beating in unison,
Wonderous night we spent in wonderment,
Years gone by and I am tired of you,
You speak to me in soft tone,
You wanted to be alone in the end, finally,
Weeping willow branches bend and sway in the wind,
Ever since you left me here all alone,
I tried to explain in vain to you and myself,

There was no doubt the love that we had,
It is sad but we both just had to let go,
Again, I just know you would leave,
And as I weep, You sing to me and wiped away my tears,

You speak with trembling cry in your voice,
Lullabye is the same as good-bye, my love,
Forever you will be, deep down in my heart.
You speak to me in my dream,
You asked me if I can hear you,
You sing to me with your spirit,

So vivid your image as I reached out to touch,
Will I want to be with you? You asked,
You whispered, wrapping arms around my body,
We will be, yes we will, forever, together....

Jieranai T. Maier  aka
Copyright 2003 Psychbabe2001
Midnight - 17 May, 2003


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