The Spring of Eternity

By Dick Richardson

The Sea of Time  
And the Spring of Eternity

Life is not fair', they often cry,
and many thus agree;
leastwise in the short term
where time is all they see.

But time is like the ocean waves
that break upon the shore,
which sometimes soft and gently kiss,
and sometimes pound and roar.

'And time be gracious unto you',
they often wish their kin;
'and may you find the things you seek,
established well therein'.

Thus you and I, their logic goes,
are ships which sail that sea,
and coming from a port forgot,
to an unknown destiny.

So, life's unfair, they thus assume,
and keeps its secrets hid
from minds brought forth for no effect,
which yet try to prise the lid.

About it and about, for evermore,
we often hear it said,
like a cry from the crows nest up the mast,
that looks only straight ahead.

But strange it is, and truly so,
that an unknown wind from way below
breaks the surface and rents the waves,
like a Sirens call, it calls the slaves
who row the boat they know not where,
but pain has taught them not to care.

'But Lo ! Such wind be not yet writ
on mariners charts and log;
thus how then could we steer this boat
if drifting in such fog' !

Yet one brave soul among them
cry's "Tie me to the mast,
whilst you may close your eyes and ears
whilst this Sirens call does blast"!

Thus all the crews dread complement
sailed on the sea of time,
whilst one went deeper than the waves,
to a port which was sublime.

The ending of this story..
well, I will not tell it here:
but trust the call thus when it comes;
and of outcomes - never fear.

Suffice it now to mention,
that life is very fair,
and reveals its little secrets,
to those that truly care
to drink a song no ear can bare,
lest time they take - to stand and stare.

Thus deeper in the ocean
than where waves caress the sand,
is found the song of eternity.
and the meaning of dry land.


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