~ The Only One ~

If the world was a field of flowers 
and I was a honey bee,
I'd pick all the other flowers, 
so you'd be the only one to see.

If the world was filled with diamonds,
and I was a jewel thief's dream,
I'd steal all the other diamonds,
so you'd be the only sparkling - gleam.

If the world was an ocean scene, 
and I was a fisherman of the deep,
I'd throw back all the others in the sea,
so you'd be the only one to keep.

If the world was wrapped in beaches,
and I was the tossing, restless tide,
I'd cover all the other beaches,
So you'd be the only sand that's dry.

If the world was a forest full of timber, 
and I was a lumber lien, 
I'd clear cut all the other timber, 
so you'd be the only tree that's green.

Terry S. Presgrove 

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