~ Love ~ Love is always patient and kind When faced with our faults it is blind Love is never in a jealous bind Nor does it take on a boasting mind Love does not insist on its own way It will not lead astray Love can never betray And love will not accept pay Love is not arrogant or rude It cannot whine and brood Neither will love cause a feud And finds it impossible to exclude Love is saddened by the wrong of things But rejoices when goodness springs Love takes us under her wings And carries us away as she sings Through all things love will bear Refusing to lose hope and despair Love will forever declare Things that are not as though they are there Love shall cling to believe And it will not deceive Carrying its load daily with each heave Promising for all eternity never to leave Terry S. Presgrove copyright©2002-2004 http://www.pressie.org/

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