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    Major Candidates Election Sites:

     The Incumbent       Republican National Committee
      President George W. Bush:
    George W. Bush for President, The White House
    The President's Convention Speech
    The President's Convention Video
    Time Person Of The Year 2000
    Time - President Bush's Home On The Ranch


     Third Party Challengers

     Green: Green Party Web Site
       David Cobb: David Cobb for President
       Paul Glover: Paul Glover for President
      Cynthia McKinney: Cynthia McKinney for President
       Carol Miller
       Ralph Nader
    : Citizen Works, Democracy Rising,
                                Nader 2004 Draft Committee
       Lorna Salzman: Lorna Salzman for President

      Libertarian: Libertarian Party Web Site
       Michael Badnarik: Michael Badnarik for President
       Gary Nolan: Gary Nolan for President

    Natural Law: Natural Law Party,
        The Institute of  Science, Tech. and Public Policy
        John Hagelin: "I strongly support Rep. Kucinich in 
                  his bid for the presidency." -Dr. John Hagelin

      Socialist: Socialist Party U.S.A. Campaign Page
       Walter Brown:   Walter Brown for President


    Democratic Challengers    
    Democratic National Committee
     Senator John Kerry (MA):
          John Kerry for President, U.S. Senate office
     Senator John Edwards (NC)
    U.S. Senate office



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