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    Boomers International™ maintains this web 
    site as a service to its customers. By using web 
    sites owned and operated by Boomers International™ 
    or its affiliates, you are agreeing to comply with and
    be bound by the following terms of use, which
    may change at any time. 
    Boomers International™  is committed to 
    honoring the privacy of Boomers International™ 
    members and visitors to Boomers International™. 
    Boomers International™ is in a process of 
    acquiring a certified membership in as a
    member of the certification program. This certification
    ensures that our site describes our information
    practices and lets users give informed consent to
    participating in programs and offerings. 
    What information does Boomers International™ 
    ask for and how is it used?
    When you register on our web site, you will be asked
    to provide certain information, such as your name and
    contact information. We ask for this in connection with
    registrations, promotions and Boomers 
    International™  will use this information to tailor
    our presentations to you, facilitate your movements 
    provide personalized services, and communicate
    with you. 
    Some of the services provided by Boomers
    International™, such as Community Forums, 
    Bulletin Boards and EMail, have additional
    terms of use that you should read to better
    understand all of your options regarding your 
    personal information. 
    Do I get to choose what information I disclose?
    Yes, you can always choose whether or not to disclose
    information through our site. Certain information is
    required for registration, but other requested information
    is optional and may be given at your discretion. 
    Some services may require that you provide
    personally identifiable information. Some of our 
    programs use "cookies" to let you use our services
    more easily, and to let us keep track of certain
    statistical information that helps us improve 
    our site. For further information on Boomers
    International™ use of cookies, read our cookies
    This page also gives specific instructions on how to
    manage the cookie  preferences and settings on
    your browser. 
    Who has access to my personally identifiable
    We DO NOT SELL your information to any
    third party.
    We use information that we collect to make your
    isit more productive and tailored to your
    individual preferences. We require certain specific
    information when you subscribe to some customized
    services or purchase products, and we store that
    information in secure databases. We share
    information, both personally identifiable and 
    aggregate data, with companies who provide 
    content to portions of our site and communicate 
    with you on behalf of Boomers Internatioinal™. 
    They are given limited access to our secure 
    database, and will receive information only 
    if you visit their site  and choose to sign up
    for one of the related services, purchase their
    products, or give your consent for  information
    to be sent to you. 
    What if I need to change the personal information I
    previously disclosed?
    We encourage our members to update and edit
    their personal information and keep it current. 
    You can update your personal information in 
    Member Registration Center. 
    It is our policy not to sell or market our 
    customers' non-public personal information to
    third parties without your consent. 
    Such information is used solely in the 
    conduct of our business and to provide 
    high quality services to our customers.
    We will share your non-public personal 
    information with third parties only to the 
    extent we believe it is reasonably necessary
    to provide our services. 
    In addition, in connection with providing 
    services to you, we may also share your 
    non-public personal and personally identifiable
    information with our affiliates. 
    Although we may analyze and aggregate your
    non-public personal information internally for the
    purposes of compiling statistics, evaluating trends
    In the marketplace, and evaluating the overall 
    effectiveness of our services, no non-public personal
    information will be shared with third parties, except
    as provided herein, or used in any promotional 
    In the event that we use any non-affiliated,
    third-party service provider to assist us in 
    providing products and services to you and
    those services require us to disclose any
    or your non-public personal information, 
    we will require the third party service 
    provider to execute an agreement to
    protect the confidentiality of the information. 
    We will process your request immediately.
    However, it will generally take up to 7 days 
    before your request becomes effective.  
    Our privacy policy is subject to change. 
    We will inform you of any changes as 
    required by law
    We reserve the right to release such 
    information to law enforcement or other 
    governmental officials as we, in our sole 
    and absolute discretion, deem necessary
    to comply with the law. 
    We reserve the right to amend this provision
    in our sole and absolute discretion. 
    Any changes to this provision will be
    communicated to you at least five days 
    in advance of implementation and will apply 
    only to that non-public personal Information 
    collected from you after the date of
    Security Measures 
    Safeguarding our customers' non-public
    personal information is our utmost concern
    and we have taken a number of steps to ensure
    that your non-public personal information is secure,
    First, all areas of our site that collect sensitive 
    information utilize encryption to protect your data. 
    This system ensures that your data is going to our
    servers, and ONLY our servers, by encrypting all 
    network traffic between machines. 
    It is also advisable that you do not disclose
    your information regarding your password to 
    Boomers International™ to other. 
    Online Customer Participation 
    In the event a user of our site chooses to use or
    purchase a service available online, this privacy 
    statement is incorporated by reference into and
    subject to the terms and conditions of the Disclaimer, 
    and the Disclaimer constitutes the entire agreement
    between Boomers International™ and the user. 
    This privacy statement is not a substitute for the
    Disclaimer and should in no way be confused with 
    the Disclaimer. Information that is shared with third 
    parties is subject to the Disclaimer. 
    This privacy policy covers exchanges of personally 
    identifiable information within sites of Boomers 
    International™. Please be sure to check the privacy 
    policies of each site you visit. Boomers International™
    is working with our content providers to adopt a 
    uniform set of privacy guidelines. 
    Who can I contact if I have any questions regarding
    my privacy?
    You have the ability to contact Boomers International™ 
    directly with any comments or questions through the
    mailbox provided below. For more information
    regarding privacy you can visit the following sites: 
    The Federal Trade Commission offers an overview
    of privacy protection. 
    If you have any questions or comments 
    regarding your privacy at Boomrs International™, 
    please send an email to
    Privacy Statement  
    We have created this privacy statement in order to
    demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The
    following discloses our information gathering and
    dissemination practices for this website:  
    IP Address
    We use your IP address on some of our free advertising
    forums to help diagnose problems and to administer our
    Web site. Your IP address is used to help identify you
    and to prevent mis-use of our FREE advertising bulletin
    This site contains links to other sites.We are not
    responsible for the privacy practices or the content of
    such Web sites. 
    This site has security measures in place to protect the
    loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our
    This site gives users the following options for changing
    and modifying information previously provided.
    Questions Regarding Privacy 
    If you have any questions regarding this privacy 
    statement or Boomers International™ site,
    please write or call: 
    Boomers International™.

    Copyright © 1996 - 2016 Boomers International™, All rights reserved.

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