Red Man's Dream
 Red Man's Dream 

Red man chants
beneath blood moon sky.
Circling the flames
he steps in spirit.

Warrior dream weavers
whose bodies lie.
In sacred song he sings
for deliverance.

Eagle cries
for lost tribes.
Hear the restless wind!
Wails of Geronimo 
cries the panther
for a warrior's revenge.

Sitting Bull seeks
through wise owl eyes.
Long ago
in thier absence truth speaks.

Smoke ring visions
of blood upon the land.
Defiant hearts
blow your restless wind.

Old warrior with limbs of wings
in spirits of long ago.
Dance...for red mans broken dreams
take rise!...shackled souls.

Lost years
deserts apart
from a young warriors heart.
Mend the trail of tears.	

© TortDog@TimeBoard 2001 *


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~ Peace, Love, Light & Wisdom ~

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