By Dianne Carey      

Remember when the movies were 25 cents?  
And Popeye was a hero and funny too? 
And you always had cartoons before 
the main feature?  
And the stage had curtains?  
And there were no adults 
in the theater on a Saturday afternoon!  
And they had ushers with flashlights? 
And penny candy was a reality? 
And a nickel was 'big bucks'!

Remember when your 'maiden' aunt sent a 
fancy handkerchief for your birthday?  
And you curtsied when introduced?
When you were given "Savings Bonds" 
for your birthday and they were 
very expensive?
Remember when children were 'seen 
and not heard' and it was true?

Remember when your mother whistled out the back porch and 
every kid in the neighborhood knew she was calling you?  
Remember neighborhoods?
When church was on Sunday morning? And people wore hats?  
And women wore gloves?  And you 'dressed up to go down town'?

Remember  Sunday afternoon was dinner at Grandma's house?
And everyone gathered around the radio to listen to "The Shadow"?
Remember the ice man?  And milk in glass bottle at your back door?
And the Bread Man drove a truck down your street every morning 
at 10 o'clock and your mother  bought bread for 25 cents a loaf?
When you bought meat from the butcher and he had his own shop?  
And the green grocer wore an apron?
Buying fish from the man in the wagon?  
Or from the sheds on the wharf?
And they  sold prescriptions at the drug store, but every 
drugstore had a soda fountain.
Remember sodas?   And root beer floats? And Woolworth's drugstore?

Remember when you finally got to go to school and learned 
how to color inside the lines?  And have your own metal lunchbox 
with Hoppalong Cassidy painted on the outside?  And a real glass 
thermos bottle too?
Remember jump rope and hop scotch? And kick the can? And paper 
dolls and jacks? And 'pick-up-sticks' and paddle ball?
Remember when you learned to read about "Dick and Jane and Spot?

Remember laying on your back on a summer day and making castles 
in the clouds?  When summer was too long?  And it was safe to 
chew on a blade of grass?
Remember laying on the grass with no one else around to watch you?
Remember when children had privacy? 

Remember the smell of a train?  And the sound of the whistle?  
And the engineer waving back?
Remember when you had watermelon only in the summer and apples 
in the fall? 
And walnuts were special?  And tangerines arrived in your Xmas 
Remember Christmas?  With this spelling? 
Remember when a quarter in your sock from Santa was a lot 
of money?
Remember chocolate covered cherries?  And chocolate covered 
orange sticks?

Remember candy lipstick and bubble gum cigars?  
And nobody bottled water! 
Smoking was 'fashionable' in those days.  
And martini's were the favorite drink?
Remember when you ate dinner every night with your whole 
family at the table?
When the telephone was black and had a rotary dial?  
And tires had white walls? And all the cars were taller than you?

Remember the Ice Capades and if you were very, very good 
someone big bought you a celluloid doll dressed in feathers 
and tied on a stick?  Remember the circus? The pink popcorn?

Remember the Peanut man selling hot roasted peanut from  
his truck?  They were sold in a paper bag or in a twisted
sheet of newspaper.
Remember how special it was to ride the carrousel?  
The donkey rides at the park?  How tall the swings were?  
And how high and long and cold the slides were in the winter?

Remember when everyone went for a Sunday Drive?  
With Grandma and all the kids? And you stopped for an 
ice cream cone for everyone?  
Remember the Fun House at the beach?  
Laughing Sal was in the window in San Francisco.  
And the roller coaster?  
And the uncle that insisted you ride in the very first car?  
Remember terrified?