These are our "Tales from the Magic Bus", the trip journals of how I went
from a strait laced military type, back to my 60's roots, and became a Full
time RVr. An Rvr is really an "Influential Street Person", as "The
Woodcarver" once told me . The only difference between us and the
average RVr is that we are about 20 years younger, and are the first wave
of "Boomers" on the road. I can't wait for a bunch of y'all to join us!
Ahhhh to hear the sound of live guitars drifting sweetly across an RV park.
And when someone turns the stereo up a little loud, to hear Led Zep or
Janis (  Oh Lord, won't 'ya buy me, a Mercedes Benz . . Motorhome!),
instead of classical, Country, or Glenn Miller! (I like them too . . .But
not all the time!) We wait for y'all. And by popular demand (one member
asked me to publish the trip journals ) I will comply and post em.
There are 17 in all. In the beginning they were short. Then they got
longer. So I'll post 'em here (and a few other places) for your perusal.
Don't worry about subscribing, as I'll post all future editions here as
well. ( If y'all like). By way of explanation, we originally intended to
get a circumnavigable Trimaran, and liveaboard. The RV was a good way to
check out all the ports and decide where we wanted to home port, and also a
good way to look at 55' or larger sailing vessels for sale. The unexpected
happened. While we weren't paying attention we bacame RVrs. And decided
we'd do this for a number of years. The boat is still somewhere in the
future, but for now, to quote Paul Simon, we're "off to look for America" .
The journals cover from 1997 to current and contain our adventure as we
lived it. From getting rid of most of our stuff, getting the Diesel dually,
the 5th wheel, and what we found on the road.  The newsletters started as a
missive to our "friends" group, but we got so many requests that it's grown
way beyond that.  So in the spirit of professionalism, I actually spell
checked a few, and sent out how we made it happen for us, and maybe point
the way for some of you.  As you'll see, our Guardian Angels (GAs) were
working overtime and in shifts the whole way.

Of course this isn't the end.  We continue the adventure.  For those of you
who wonder about the lifestyle, I hope you'll vicariously get a feel for
it.  And we can't wait to be joined by the rest of the Boomer wave that is
surely coming.  One thing I do want to make clear.  These are written as it
happened and some of the things were accurate at the time, or were what
this "Newbie" at the time had read or been told.  In todays world things
just move too fast and what was true eight months ago may have been
"Overcome by events" since then, or simply was not .  So take it all as
intended, the preparation, the selection, moving in, the shake down, and
the first six months on the road.  Maybe we can coax a few of you into
joining us early!  On the Majic Bus. . . (Well for us actually a fiver!)


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