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    Table of Contents:
    SECTION ONE - Web Site of Interest
    SECTION TWO - Entertainment/Media Alert
    SECTION THREE - Tips! Tips! Tips!
    SECTION FOUR - Technology In Our Life
    SECTION FIVE - BOOMER Facts and Data
    SECTION SIX: - Boomer Of The Month
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    1st ANNIVERSARY Edition

    	Work is still going on our web site improvement 
            Here are some of our new features:
            1) Now you can add a link to your web page in our link database form.
            2) Membership database is set up and ready for 
               input.  You can also search for others in membership database.
            3) Post your question in the Post a question form.

    SECTION ONE - Web Site of Interest!
    Best Boomer Web Site for this month: 
    Wm Murray's The TimePage is a favorite for history buffs.
    A Joke A Day
    at Need a laugh before you start your day? Visit this site for a good clean jokes such as: Only in people order double cheese burgers, a large fry, and a diet coke. Only in banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters. Only in we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and leave useless things and junk in boxes in the garage.

    SECTION TWO - Media / Entertainment!
    Those Were The Days
    Be sure to check: COLD WAR on CNN. 
    It will air on September 27th, 1998.  This 
    documentary took 3 years to produce.  It is 
    a TV documentary about COLD WAR in the 60's,
    nuclear danger and power struggle between 
    the superpowers; capitalism VS communism.
    Note: I personally do not believe everything 
    I read, hear or see. I had a hunch and doubt  
    on my mind when I watched the NOW infamous 
    TAIL-WIND series by CNN. It alleged that
    US military used nerve gas to kill civilian
    during Vietnam war. CNN withdrew the allegations,
    fired the producers and issued public apology.
    Any way, I like to watch CNN and some of
    their specials.
    CD's: A great new CD for Baby Boomers! Check out the review at It's entitled "what comes around" by Lisa Lauren and features David Sanborn (Can't Buy Me Love). The CD can be purchased through A collection of Baby Boomer tunes as well as some originals, one entitled "Midlife" which is currently getting airplay around the U.S. Check it out! To review the CD go to Music, then to Archive Reviews (it was reviewed in July, 1998). BY:

    Fall Travelling Tips!
  • Late summer and fall is a great time to travel the Pacific Coast. Our own web site features information about beaches, islands, towns and cities Along Pacific Coast Highway. From San Diego up through Southern and Northern California, Oregon, and Washington State.

  • Southwest Airlines Internet Specials at continues to offer a bargain for domestic travel through December 17, 1998. (Except for November 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30, 1998.) ** Terms and Conditions of these fares are at SWA web site. Example fares for one way trip, based on roundtrip purchase Albuquerque: $34 each way to/from El Paso $62 each way to/from Los Angeles $38 each way to/from Lubbock Tickets must be purchased through the Southwest Airlines web site at
    Shopping Tips! FINDERS CHEAPER Call FINDaSALE (212-55-SALES; before your next Manhattan shopping spree. Shoppers can search hundreds of current retail sales and promotions by product category, store, or neighborhood. By Reshma Memmon Yaqub
  • SECTION FOUR - Technology In Our Life

    Year 2000 - Millinium Bug, What and Why: 
    Most mainframe computers and embedded systems with 
    program codes are using the 2 digits format for 
    year. The computer assume that it is always in the
    19 century.  With the year 2000 rolling around the
    corner. All the program codes and all the data must
    be converted to 4 digits format to identify the full 
    format designating the century and year in the date 
    column. (2000 - 4 digits year).
    This problem also affects many mechanic and electrical
    systems that have programs coded for their operating
    For example:  computers with 2 digits year in the
    date field will assume that on January 1, 2000 
    it is a year 1900 so all the records after January
    1, 1900 is not valid since it is in the future.
    Some computer software stores the data as full
    4 digits years (1900 or 2000) but the display screen
    and the codes for reports might not be able to show 
    1900 or 2000 since there is only 2 digits in the
    display area.
    To correct the bugs all the program codes that 
    using any dates will have to be converted to show 
    the date field as 01/01/1900 or 01/01/2000.  
    All the database and any data entry screens
    will have to be upgraded to show 4 digits YEAR and 
    have enough spaces to accept the 4 digit year input.
    This bug occurs from older codes and assumption that 
    originated in early years when early computer 
    professional assumes that year 2000 is in the far
    future and there will be plenty of time to take
    care of it.  The other argument is that in
    the past the cost of storing the data was very 
    expensive in the earlier stage of computer 
    See more info on one of:
    Year 2000
    Web site.

    SECTION FIVE: BOOMER Facts and Data
          STAMPVOTE web site is ready and waiting for your 
          Vote for The 70's stamps. The winners will be 
          issued as part of the Celebrate the Century
          stamps series.. (50's and 60's are selected) 
          Subjects and choices for vote:
      People and Events:
    • Women's Rights movement.
    • Watergate
    • Earth Day
    • First Earth Day, April 22, 1970,
    • Oil Shortage With 1973 oil embargo,
    • Opening of China President Richard M. Nixon visited the People's Republic in February 1972.
    • Bicentennial - On July 4, 1976
    • Sesame Street
    • "The Godfather"
    • "Roots"
    • "Spiral Jetty"
    • "All in the Family"
    • PBS and NPR
    • "A Chorus Line"
    • Photorealism
    • SPORTS:
    • Pittsburgh Steelers
    • Secretariat Triple Crown 1973.
    • "Monday Night Football"
    • Soccer Leagues
    • Tennis
    • The Oakland A's won World Series® (72,73,74).
    • Science & Technology:
    • Jumbo Jets On January 21, 1970, the first jumbo jet entered service.
    • "Pioneer 10"
    • Medical Imaging
    • VCRs
    • Lifestyle
    • Smiley Face
    • Postmodern Architecture
    • Jogging
    • 1970s Fashion Hot pants, platform shoes, and polyester leisure suits
    • Citizens Band Radio
    • Disco music took off in 1978.
    This Month In History
    1945         Sept 2  Surrender of Japan; "WORLD WAR II ends"
    1948         Sept    First Emmy Awards Ceremony. 
    1951         Sept    First transcontinental television broadcast
    1955         Sept 30 James Dean dies in Porsche crash on
                         Highway 46/Highway 41 intersection east
                         of Highway 101 in Paso Robles.
                         He was on his to the the Rodeo in Salinas.
                         East of Eden released, but Rebel and Giant not 
                         released yet at the time of his death.
    1997         Sept 2, Princess Diana died in Paris..
                         along with her friend, Dodi Fayed..
    Check out our new feature: This Month in History

  • I am the Founder and President of the Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg American High School Alumni Association. We are always looking for alumni who 'attended' the high school and faculty during it's 40 year existence (1952-92). There is also an organization, Overseas Brats (, who is a central group for all the American high schools overseas (DoDDS, State Department and Private). Is there anyway I/we can let your subscribers know that if they attended an American high school overseas they have an alumni association looking for them? Most schools have reunions throughout the U.S. every 2-4 years. I appreciate your help in locating our classmates, Patricia Hein Party Time If you live in Florida, our boomer group in fla is growing and getting organized. Last party we had a party in West Palm Beach Fla was Aug 15th... COME CHECK US OUT...WE ARE MAINLY ALL SOUTH FLORIDANS!!!!!!! Contact Carolyn at

         BOOMER OF THE MONTH:  Bill Murray, TheTimePage 

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