~Memories Dear~

A memory that I hold so dear,
The day 9/11 occurred.
Just can't forget events that day,
My memory isn't blurred.

Came home that morning,
Got online, then saw the chat so clear.
A violation of our world,
Had just become so very near.

With that, I sat and watched the news,
In awe of what was seen.
Our lives would be forever changed,
Never more, so serene.

Tears flowed so free, I was in shock,
As most of us that day.
We haven't been so violated,
As seen Pearl Harbor way.

As days and weeks rolled by back then,
We wonderded of our lost.
And came to see just what we faced,
Forever, with our cost.

The men, the women, valor showed,
All who came, it's true.
They showed us what we're made of.
UNITED, me and you.

Policemen, Firemen, list goes on,
Remember all who gave.
Our UNITED STATES became as one,
No longer was our segregated grave.

For those we lost upon that day,
May God keep you so blessed.
We'll not forget this day our loss,
It's put us too this test.

For all our Angels up above,
We promise to be true.
And fight for freedom for our land,
We promise this to you.

You didn't die in vain,
You didn't die unloved,
You gave more than you'll ever know,
With what you send from up above.

Today, your anniversary,
Of when you died in flight.
Remember that you gave your all,
Then went into that light.

We'll be forever in your debt,
Defending freedom every day,
You gave to us YOU'RE ALL.


2002 - Randy Elliot


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