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    NORTH PALM BEACH, FLORIDA November 19, 2001 Do you know what sports children are playing today? The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association's (SGMA) first-ever segment report, Teens & Sports in America (2001 edition), answers that question and more on teen and pre-teen sports participation trends from 1990 - 2000. This document also reveals that teens are avid sports fans. While millions of American children enjoy participating in sports, this publication also discloses a disturbing trend towards obesity in American youth. Some of the highlights from this report are: ** Participation trends among pre-teens (aged 6-11) were more positive than for teenagers over the 990 - 2000 period. ** Millions of youngsters are now enjoying "alternative" or "extreme" sports, such as inline skating, snowboarding and skateboarding. ** Organized team sports participation is strong, though the number of participants would be higher if sandlot/pickup games were more popular. Any decline in team sports has come in sandlot/pickup play. ** With more than 70 million members, the under-18 age group rivals the immensely powerful Baby Boomer market. ** More than nine in ten (96%) people aged 12 - 17 say they actively follow at least one sport, compared to 86.9% of the 12-and-older population, as a whole. ** Almost three in every four teens use the Internet, but relatively few teenagers – only 11% – have ever made an online purchase. ** For teenagers, basketball is the most popular team sport; bowling is the number one ranked individual sport; free weights lead the way among fitness activities; and freshwater fishing tops the outdoor chart. ** For teens, basketball has the highest degree of cross-gender appeal. ** With more than 1,000,000 participants, tackle football is the most popular high school sport. ** The number of children and teens who are overweight has nearly doubled since 1980. This report may be ordered online at: - The report is free to SGMA's full members. See website for other pricing. The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA), owner of The Super Show®, is the trade association of North American manufacturers, producers and distributors of sports apparel, athletic footwear, fitness and sporting goods equipment. SGMA represents and supports its members through programs and strategies for sports participation, market intelligence and public policy. --------------------------------- Not only do we authorize you to reproduce this information, but we encourage you to do so. Please give credit to Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA). CONTACT INFORMATION: Mike May Director of Communications SPORTING GOODS MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION 200 Castlewood Drive North Palm Beach, FL 33408 USA T: (561)-840-1165 F: (561)-863-8984 E: Visit SGMA Online at: SGMA: Sports Edge Magazine: The Super Show:
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