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    By: Bill Pyle   
    During my 3 week stay in Thailand I was pleased to have visited many areas of the country. First, anyone that wants to feel warm and fuzzy and accepted needs to visit Thailand. The people are beyond compare. Always warm and welcoming.

    I traveled from just south of Bangkok to the northern most tip in Chiang Sean at the Golden Triangle and many spots in between.

    Bangkok is everything I have heard of and more. Yes, it is crowded and yes the air is thick. Traffic is not to be belived until you actually sit at a traffic light for 45 minutes in a Tuk Tuk. Yet, everyone gets along. Although very crowded people are easy going. All taxi and Tuk Tuk drivers were pleasant and eager to help us with our destination. Not one time did a driver attempt to rip us off for being tourists.

    I get to see the magnificent Grand Palace, although some communication problems getting there created a chuckle (we got into the taxi and asked the driver to take us to the Grand Palace, he said no problem and drove away. About an hour later we arrived in China Town at the Grand Palace Hotel -- 20 minutes later we arrived at the real Grand Palace).

The Palace is wonderful, full of royalty and history. Beautiful architecture. A must for everyone to see at least once in their life.

I spent Christmas day on the River Kwai, visited the JEATH war museum. I was stunned by the conditions the people lived in to build this bridge and the hundreds of thousands of lives lost. The floating hotel we stayed in had no electric which made morning showers a real eye opener. We also got to see the local hill tribe people -- very adaptive people for sure.

New years was spent in Chiang Sean overlooking Thailand, Laos and Myranamar. While the Bon Boran hotel was great, the people made it greater. We visited many Temples and the Karen Hill Tribes (the ladies with the rings around their necks). Surprisingly I met a Karen lady that spoke fairly good English. She said that if she had a daughter she would not force the rings on her.

Chiang Mai, Chaing Rai, Bangkok, Chiang Sean -- always the same -- people of graciousness that I have never experienced before. No matter how hectic or relaxed I always felt warm and welcomed.

Of course one cannot go to Thailand and not SHOP. We shopped everywhere we went. Seemingly endless days of shopping. On the streets, side roads, malls and even in the hotels. We shopped and shopped. I actually had to buy another suitcase to bring everything back. One problem is that yesterday I had to go grocery shopping. At check out, I felt compelled to bargain down the prices and then was in shock with the price tag for everything. A true Reality Check.

Some of the funniest things were the 4 story KFC, Burger King with real silverware and real glass, the warnings about not walking on the grass at night due to Cobra's and how valuable hands signs can be when trying to find something from a taxi (you know, like pointing right or left and the panicky STOP, STOP signs).

All in all I am still honored to have been a visitor in Thailand. I simply cannot speak well enough of the people.

The people of Thailand make the LONG air flights (about 28 hours) all worthwhile.

I hope to be blessed by relocating to Thailand in my future, but if not, I will forever remember the Thai people with the warmest of thoughts.

Sunday, 13 Jan 2002
By Bill Pyle

By: Jack Ellis

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     Recommended Books
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    Various Artists
    For your state of mind. Peaceful soul searching and enchanting Buddhist chants
    and accompanying music from around the world. [more]
    cover Lonely Planet Thailand
    (Thailand, 9th Ed),by Joe Cummings, Steven Martin
    This is the guidebook that I used on my trip to Thailand - I found it useful and accurate.
    cover Eyewitness Travel Guide to Thailand
    Although I didn't bring this book with me to Thailand, It was instrumental in planning my trip. It's jam-packed with photos that really helped me to decide where to go. [more]
    cover The Beach DVD
    Not a great movie, but the scenery of southern Thailand is amazing and makes it worth watching. This movie has started a new tourist trade in Thailand - you can take "The Beach" tours and see places where Leonardo DiCaprio visited during the filming. [more]

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