The Aging Baby Boomer
                                                   (part one) 
You find that you are more in tune to the local oldies 
radio station than the top 40 station in which you were 
faithfully in tune to for all those
You take a look at your record collection to find that 
you now own the same album on 12" vinyl, 8 track (although
you can't play it on anything), cassette, and of course,
last week you just ran out and bought it on cd!
You notice that the clothes you wore 20 years ago are back
in style! (You still own your original platform shoes which 
are buried in the back of the closet, swearing to yourself
years ago that you would never be seen in public with them 
What the children are learning in school as history, you 
You seem to know all the words to all the new songs released 
because they are all remakes of the originals which you 
have on a 45 somewhere.
And speaking of 45's, you come across your old collection 
and decide to play them, then you realize there is no 
adapter available for the larger center hole so you try to
 center them on the turntable, only to hear them
in a slightly warbled sound.
You can remember Michael Jackson when he was black.
You can remember when Cher was married to a guy named Sonny
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is now available on 
video. You saw it at the theater 25 years ago!
Or was it the Drive-In. The Drive-In?? What's that???
You got your drivers' license when gas was under $1.00 a 
Somewhere in your house there is a drawer that contains a 
mood ring (the original), pukka beads, a pet rock, and a 
Rubiks' cube!
And lastly, you pull out your high school yearbook and 
can't remember who all those people were that signed 
it............and 1/2 of them are dead!
to be continued..........................
(the aging baby boomer-part one   MrJ639 all rights 
Dedicated to Debba who inspired me to write this 
(Feel Betta Debba!)
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