Love Swept Away

        The air takes on a sudden chill...
        Skies darken to forewarn...
        Storm coming, be God's will...
        Head for shelter, stay dry and warm.
        Passion moves to a deadend...
        One heart now, splits into two...
        Pieces of love on the floor again...
        Broom sweeps away, my love for you.
        Thunder shakes, the softened ground...
        Lightning touches everywhere...
        Winds wail with such loud sound...
        One wonders, if God does care.
        Standing alone, I rule the night...
        Alone I shall forever be...
        For I am not a judge of what's right...
        Love only comes, to hurt me.
        The storm passes and calm is near...
        It's humbling experience for all to see...
        But a reminder, for each to fear...
        One can not be as strong, as they hope to be.
        Standing alone, I rule the day...
        Challenge my heart not, I will ignore...
        For alone I become strong, come what may...
        And each love has ended as the one before. 
        WishesMade, Copyright 
        All Rights Reserved 08/09/2000 


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