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Posted by zorra_free ( on May 20, 2003 at 19:44:57:

In Reply to: Re: Recreational vehicle parking along PCH posted by BeachGal on January 12, 2003 at 00:38:12:

A motor vehicle ordinance has been passed in Santa Barbara
California to generate revenue for the town.
On Dec. 19,2002 the City Council came up with an
addition to a old 1984 municipal code #1044200
on the books that stated that no trailers, buses,
and large trucks were allowed to park on the streets
for more than two hours. Motor homes were recently
added into this code, and cannot stand still for more
then two hours in any one place, ordinance #10.44.200 (A).
Also added in to the old ordinance was #10.44.200 (B) MC
states that no motor home can park on the street from
the hours of 2:00 am to 6:00 am, and the weight limit
has also been changed to include any vehicles over ton.
The ordinance was changed on Dec.19, 2002 with a 90-day
sanction and went into effect on March 18 of this year 2003,
with a new twist towards Santa Barbara's City Councils
sponsored terrorist program on the poor, the down and outs,
and at the same time generating revenue.
Well, I guess one could say that Mayor Marty Blum and the
City Council is acting in the interest of powerful internal
groups that dominate policy here in Santa Barbara.
Mayor Marty Blum and most of the City Council members
endorsed the revised ordinance, and law enforcement is
selectively enforcing the ordinance by targeting certain
groups, and excluding other. This bogus revised ordinance
#10.44.200 (A) and (B) MC, which say, no parking on the
streets between the hours of 2:00 am to 6:00 am, directly
attacks residents of motor homes. To make matters worse
the rule of giving out parking tickets every 24 hours
was changed to every12 hours.
If a person receives five citations and does not
pay them, or is not in a financial position to
pay they will have their motor home and any car(s) they
own confiscated, and towed away. If the person is unable
to pay the hundreds of dollars it costs to repossess back
their own vehicle(s), then their vehicle(s) is sold or
junked (depending on condition) with out any compensation
to the owner, and the person is left out on the street,
without a place to live. All the monies go into the
police department? This is a cheap trashy way of racking
up revenue for Santa Barbara at the expense of a person's
well being.
On top of all of this, the police selectively target certain
individuals to excessively ticket on a regular basis.
Some local disabled residents have also been targeted and
excessively ticked by the police. A number of persons at
the police station refuse to respect and honor the local
disabled persons parking privileges. And the police have
repeatedly told them that disabled persons regardless of
having handicapped license plates or placards still fall
within ordinance #10.44.200 (b) of not being able to park
their motor homes on the street between the hours of 2:00am
to 6:00 am. A few sheriffs and police are even threatening,
and harassing handicapped people with the two-hour ordinance
restrictions. You can't park in the same space for more then
two hours at a time, or they are abusively told to move on,
or they can take a ticket or be towed away.
Now, when tourist/or people in general call the police station
inquiring about any restrictions on handicapped parking,
they are given the general information about no parking in the
red, white and yellow zones. They are also informed that they
can only park 72 hours in any one place before having to move.
When asked if there are any other restrictions they are lied to
and told "NO". They are not being informed of the parking
restrictions placed on motor home residents of no parking any
where on the streets from 2:00am to 6:00am, and only two hours
in any one place.
If you are for justice, and are interested in speaking out
against this unjust ordinance, contact the members of the City Council,
and law enforcement to express your opinion on their mean-spirited
and nasty behavior.
This victimization and terrorizing of people who live in motor homes
is a terrorist act of war against the rights of every American with
motor homes who wish to travel and live in them.
Many of the shop and property owners are against this ordinance and
feel it is unjust, and do speak out against it, but we need many more
people to express their opinion in order to get our point across.
Below are business and e-mail addresses of the City Council members,
and the police department, feel free to contact them.
City Council meetings are held in the Council Chamber every tuesday
around 2:00 pm at City Hall, located at De La Guerra Plaza in downtown
Santa Barbara. City Council contact info: All Council members can be
reached by regular mail at Santa Barbara City Council, P.O. Box 1990,
Santa Barbara California 93102-1990, by fax at 805-564-5475, or by phone
at 805-564-5318. Their e-mail addresses are listed below:

Hon. Mayor Marty Blum
Hon. Iya Falcone
Hon. Gregg Hart
Hon. Harold Fairly
Hon. Dan Secord
Hon. Roger Horton
Hon. Babatunde Folayemi

City of Santa Barbara Police Department,
215 East Figueroa St.
Santa Barbara, California 93101 (805) 897-2300

Chief of Police, Cameron Sanchez, nickname Cam
Public Information Officer, phone number 805-897-2394
Parking Citations, phone number 805-897-2360
Parking Enforcement, phone number 805-897-3726

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